Types of solid wood furniture wardrobe precautions

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Solid wood wardrobe is a kind of cabinet furniture for storing clothes, and the overall solid wood wardrobe is the most eye-catching one. Solid wood wardrobes are popular with consumers in the market because of their health and environmental protection characteristics. But how much do you know about the types of solid wood furniture wardrobes and precautions for solid wood furniture? Next, let's learn with Xiaobian

solid wood furniture wardrobe type

1. Sliding door wardrobe

also known as sliding door wardrobe or “ I ” The zigzag integral wardrobe can be embedded into the wall directly to the roof and become a part of home decoration. It is divided into internal push-pull wardrobe and external push-pull wardrobe: the internal push-pull wardrobe is to place the wardrobe door in the wardrobe, which is highly individual, easy to integrate, more flexible, relatively durable, convenient to clean, and high space utilization; The external push-pull wardrobe is to place the wardrobe door outside the cabinet. Most of them are customized according to the element needs of the home environment, and the space utilization rate is very high

2. Swing door wardrobe

swing door wardrobe is a traditional way of opening the wardrobe by connecting the door panel and the cabinet body with pipe hinges. The grade is mainly due to the material of the door board and the quality of hardware. The advantage is that it is much cheaper than the sliding door wardrobe, and the disadvantage is that it takes up more space

3. Open wardrobe

the storage function of open wardrobe is very strong, and it is more convenient. Open wardrobe is more avant-garde than traditional wardrobe. Although it is very fashionable, it also has high requirements for the cleanliness of the room, so we should always pay attention to the cleanliness of the wardrobe. Basically, people have more clothes. To make full use of the height of the bedroom space, we should increase the available space of the wardrobe as much as possible. Items that are often needed should be placed at an accessible height, and items that are out of season should be stored on the top partition

4. Corner wardrobe

the practice of corner wardrobe in the overall wardrobe is not common, but it is caused by the room pattern. The well-designed corner wardrobe is not only beautiful, but also very practical. Some even combine the wardrobe, small bookcase and TV cabinet to make it a group of multi-function cabinets

precautions for the use of solid wood wardrobe

1. When cleaning the solid wood wardrobe daily, just wipe it with a clean soft cloth; If there is dirt on the surface of the wardrobe, you can choose to use a wet cloth with an appropriate amount of soapy water or neutral detergent to wipe, but do not use too much force

2. During normal use, avoid hitting or scratching the wardrobe body or door panel with hard objects and sharp tools

3. For the newly bought solid wood wardrobe, the door should be opened for ventilation, or some tea should be placed on the laminate of the cabinet to let some of the smell dissipate as soon as possible

4. If the weather is wet, often open the wardrobe for ventilation, or put some desiccant in the corner of the wardrobe to prevent excessive humidity from causing moldy clothes

5. After using for a period of time, after thoroughly cleaning the wardrobe, a layer of polish wax can be applied on its surface, which can make the wardrobe as bright as new on the one hand, and effectively prolong the service life of the wardrobe on the other hand

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the types of solid wood furniture wardrobe and the precautions for the use of solid wood wardrobe. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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