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As the saying goes, when sharpening the knife and cutting firewood without mistake, making a perfect hydropower transformation plan is an important condition to ensure the smooth construction, and at the same time, ensure the integrity, science, safety and reliability of the decoration plan

construction preparation for water and electricity transformation of home decoration:

as the saying goes, when sharpening the knife without mistaking firewood, making a perfect water and electricity transformation plan is an important condition to ensure the smooth progress of construction, and at the same time, ensure the integrity, science, safety and reliability of the decoration plan

shuaibang design Tongji Yu Run

for the owner, before the commencement of hydropower transformation, there are: 1. The hydropower transformation design scheme is mature, and the complete scheme should include accurate waterway circuit positioning points. 2. Sign the water and electricity transformation and installation contract. 3. Necessary temporary electricity and water environment

requirements for the construction unit: 1 Detailed and feasible design drawing of water circuit direction 2 Temporary construction electrical equipment is safe and reliable 3 Other daily preparations are completed

construction procedure for circuit transformation

the construction personnel determine the positioning point with the owner according to the design drawings → Protection of finished products on the construction site → Snap the line according to the line trend → Slot according to the direction of snapping line → Cable opening box → Clean up muck → Fixing of electric tube and wire box → Threading wire and stay wire → Connect all kinds of strong and weak wires, and do not expose them → Closed cell → Carry out acceptance test for strong and weak current (the last one belongs to the acceptance project, see the next for details)

circuit material

1. Bv (polyvinyl chloride insulated single core copper wire) conductors that have passed the national compulsory 3C certification standard should be used for the secondary transformation of home decoration hydropower and strong current lines; Generally, sheathed multi-core cables are not used. If multi-core and single core cables are connected, the joints must be rinsed with tin

2. The procurement of strong current materials follows the principle of color separation for cables of different purposes, so as to prevent inconvenient maintenance in the later stage caused by no color separation. The specific performance is: the zero line is generally blue, the live line (phase line) can be used in yellow, red and green, and the grounding wire is yellow and green. Ensuring the unified distribution of line colors is conducive to later maintenance work

home circuit reconstruction construction and precautions:

1 The prefabricated slab structural floor of the second-hand house shall try to avoid slotting and pipe laying on the foundation of the original floor, so as to prevent penetration downstairs, and even the structure of the old building may be damaged due to the large vibration during construction

2. It is not suitable to slot jumper pipes on the ground at will, avoiding the pipeline area; It is not suitable to punch in and fix the pipeline on the ground at will, avoiding the pipeline area

3 When you open the cassette, you should avoid the reinforcement. You can move up and down or even change the position. It is forbidden to break the reinforcement

4. It is forbidden to open a long horizontal groove on the wall to run the electric tube. The bearing wall is easy to damage the structure, and the long-distance broken reinforcement of the light wall will still cause future trouble.  5. Without special circumstances, the wire pipe should not go inside the gypsum line, which is easy to cause dead bending and dead line

6. PVC cold-formed electric pipes with a pipe diameter less than 25mm shall be bent with a bender, and elbows shall not be added

7 . It is forbidden to use three-way wiring for the power tube, which cannot be maintained later

8. After the laying of PVC conduit, PVC glue is required to bond the interface

9. It is not suitable to use electric pipes on the ground in wet areas of toilets; If it cannot be avoided, the ground must be full of pipes, and pipe joints cannot be left

10. After laying and fixing the conduit in advance, thread it with steel wire

11 Grasp the circuit routing “ The shortest distance between two ends is ”, It is forbidden to wind wires for no reason, which is unnecessary to increase the expenditure on hydropower transformation and easy to cause human behavior “ Dead line ” The situation happened

12. The distance between strong and weak wire junction boxes is normal ≥ 500mm, and the ground parallel spacing is not less than 200mm. Weak current wires, especially copper shaft cables, must adopt multi-layer shielded cables

13. The equipotential connection terminal box in the toilet cannot be sealed

14 Reference data of socket switch panel in each room. The height of the lighting control main switch is 1400-1500mm, and the left and right distance from the blank door frame is 200mm; The height of ordinary socket is 350-400mm; The height of the double control switch at the head of the bed is about 850mm; The height of wall mounted TV power supply is determined according to the space size and TV size, and the general height is 1000-1200mm; Background music, temperature control, intelligent lighting, electrical control, weak current panel height value reference lighting main switch, in order to facilitate control

15. It is forbidden to bury non conduit wires directly under the wall, roof and ground

16. Specifications for concealed laying of PVC conduit: 16mm diameter conduit is used for 2.5 square bv conductor, and 20mm diameter conduit is used for 4 square bv conductor, so as to ensure the vacancy of concealed laying conduit after threading ≥ 60%。

17. Ensure that the wire connection is firm, the joint is not subject to tension, and the binding is tight. The connection between wires shall be crimped or twisted, and the length of the splice shall not be less than 5.5 turns. The exposed wire head must be wrapped with waterproof tape first, and then wrapped with wear-resistant adhesive tape

18. In principle, it is forbidden to directly connect single core cables and multi-core cables to the joint during strong current transformation. If it is unavoidable, the joint must be rinsed with tin

19. Strictly abide by the design scheme, strong and weak current wiring scheme, snap the line and slot When the length of the conduit exceeds 15m or there are two right angle bends, a pull box should be added or the radius of the right angle bend should be appropriately increased. There are too many bends in the buried pipeline. When laying the pipeline, the line should be laid according to the requirements of the design drawings and the site conditions, and according to the nearest distance

20. Strong current power lines and weak wires such as telephone lines, television lines, network lines and audio lines shall not be threaded into the same pipe

21. Strong current conductor and electric pipe, water pipe, gas pipe and weak current pipe cannot be laid in the same groove

22. In the reconstruction of home decoration and hydropower, the color of strong conductor needs to be clearly divided: the color of phase line (L) should be red, green and yellow, the color of zero line (n) should be blue, the color of protection (PE) line should be yellow and green, and the color of control line should be white

23. In the electrical transformation, any connector must be equipped with a junction box, and no connector can be left in the straight pipe; Any junction box with wire ends shall not be blocked with gypsum or cement materials, and the cover plate shall be installed for easy maintenance

24. After the completion of electrical engineering construction, necessary inspections and tests should be carried out, such as the action of leakage switch, the insulation resistance of each circuit, the energization of electrical appliances, the lighting test, the switch test control, etc. the next step can be carried out only after the inspection is qualified (the next water and electricity acceptance details the acceptance method)

25. Relevant detailed drawings must be issued after the completion of circuit transformation




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