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In 2014, the building materials industry entered a period of adjustment, and the sales of most brands fell or stagnated, while long dingtianzhu increased instead of decreasing? What does it rely on? Now let's walk into longdingtianzhu together

in 2014, the building materials industry entered a period of adjustment, and the sales of most brands fell or stagnated, while long Dingtian increased instead of decreasing? What does it rely on? Now let's walk into longdingtianzhu together

continue to upgrade the concept and lead the new era of the industry

as a professional wooden door enterprise, Longding company continues to comprehensively improve its products in terms of environmental protection, service, quality, influence and other aspects, integrates Chinese and Western cultural elements in its design, and gradually forms a noble, elegant, fashionable and exquisite product style. After winning the gold medal partner of "incredibly home" and the "top 30 wooden doors in China" again in 2013, Longding won the honor again and won the "top ten wooden door brands" for consecutive times, highlighting the strength of brand development. In 2014, Longding company implemented the brand upgrading strategy and officially launched the new upgraded brand 'Longding Tianzhu' series. This series of products uses the original imported plates from New Zealand as the base material, further improving the environmental protection characteristics of products and leading the wooden door industry into a new healthy era. Longdingtianzhu also further strengthened its brand image and expanded its sales channels, creating a rapid growth in sales against the trend

stick to the brand positioning and focus on high-quality services

Longding company has always insisted on letting consumers buy reassuring products in reassuring channels. For more than a decade, it has adhered to the strategic cooperation with domestic high-end home shopping malls, red star Macalline, and has not chosen the strategy of rapid expansion. Instead, it has cultivated fine channels, adhered to the brand concept, and focused on high-quality services. From 2013 to 2014, Longding company launched wave after wave of marketing campaigns across the country, which accelerated the publicity of Longding Tianzhu brand across the country, attracted the attention of a large number of peers, media, and portal websites, making it the focus of discussion among customers, and strongly ranked in the forefront of the industry

marketing intensive cultivation, expand new sales channels

in 2014, longdingtian zhumumen strengthened the innovation of sales channels and launched representative activities such as "love to New Zealand" across the country to stimulate the expansion of overall marketing channels. At the same time of upgrading the image of the store, we should cooperate with the media to vigorously strengthen publicity. The establishment of three major marketing war zones in North China, South China and Northwest China and the production base in Hebei will escort the franchised stores across the country. In the case of stagnant real estate sales and various brand wooden doors flooding the market, after the launch of longdingtian's replacement products, we decisively innovate marketing ideas and do not stick to traditional ways such as stores, but develop the market by means of special activities, community promotion group purchase, designer cooperation promotion, and parallel bargaining, expand customer resources, and establish a brand image. In the first half of 2014, there were countless national special events, bargaining meetings and various alliance activities. Marketing activities are all over the country, and special activities are blooming everywhere

launch longdingtianzhu, opening a new era of wooden doors

in 2013, Longding proposed the concept of brand upgrading, and officially launched a new upgraded brand longdingtianzhu wooden door in 2014. The whole series of longdingtianzhu wooden door products are made of New Zealand imported boards, so it is the first wooden door brand in the industry to adopt new zealand imported boards. New Zealand is known as "the last pure land in the world". Many people who know New Zealand are from understanding New Zealand's natural pollution-free food, such as milk, infant milk powder, honey and so on. In fact, New Zealand not only has world-class natural pollution-free food, but also is a large exporter of high-quality logs and timber. New Zealand produces high-quality pine logs High quality peeled pine fiber board (the environmental protection index reaches the world environmental protection standard f four-star, super E0 environmental protection standard), which is exported to major developed countries in the world. "The environmental protection standard of New Zealand board is in line with the brand concept of being close to nature and feeling nature, which is one of the reasons why we continue to strengthen our efforts to promote longdingtianzhu." The head of Longding Tianzhu wooden door said so. "Longdingtianzhu" series wooden doors, fiber boards are imported from New Zealand with original packaging. The environmental protection level of the boards has reached the world's highest environmental protection standard, f four-star, super E0. It can be said that the environmental protection index is equivalent to log wood, but its stability and durability are better than log wood, avoiding the trouble caused by log wood cracking, deformation and warpage. It is a truly healthy life quality Wooden door products tailored by people who pay attention to environmental protection and quality of life

highlight the service advantages and upgrade the service year by year.

while constantly improving the production process and product quality, Longding is also constantly improving the service quality. Longding not only established a strong marketing team to expand the market, but also further improved the professional and responsible service system. As early as 2005, when it entered the online group purchase market, it launched a consumer service scoring mechanism. While strengthening the team service awareness, it received consumer feedback at the first time and responded quickly. It is precisely because Longding company has adhered to the brand concept of "doing a good job in doors and serving customers with heart" for many years, won the secondary purchase and recommendation of many consumers, and established a good reputation image in the consumer group. Consumers even moved from the north to the south, but designated to choose Longding products when decorating their new homes. In 2014, Longding company gradually entered the period of rapid brand development, but always adhered to the style of steady and steady, and quality and service go hand in hand. It is precisely because of this that Longding Tianzhu wooden door can achieve market share against the trend in the period of overall market downturn. The person in charge of longdingtianzhu said, "in 2014, longdingtianzhu will further improve the product details on the basis of the original services, and provide consumers with products that are not only close to nature, but also the reputation of consumers is an indispensable driving force on our development."





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