Paper prices rise again in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong paper prices rose again

following a sharp rise of 20-30% in April and may this year compared with the same period last year, Hong Kong paper prices have recently risen by about 10% after a relatively stable situation for nearly two months

in recent years, some countries rich in pulp have reduced tree felling due to environmental protection requirements, resulting in a decline in pulp output, leading to a continuous rise in the prices of paper, powdered paper, corrugated paper, kraft paper and other types of paper. In April and may this year, the price of paper rose to $660 per ton, an increase over the same period last year, but still confident of raising the price by?%, Powdered paper rose to $920 per ton, up 20%

the main reason why the paper price in Hong Kong market rises again is that: influenced by the international market, almost all the paper used in Hong Kong depends on imports; Hong Kong's paper inventory is becoming smaller; Industrial paper consumption increased

according to statistics, 187000 tons of paper were imported in the first five months of this year, with a value of nearly HK $690million. In the same period last year, the import volume was 156000 tons, and the average sales price of products increased by more than 15%, with a value of more than HK $600million. Hong Kong mainly imports paper from Canada, South Korea and Indonesia

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