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Parametric statistical method for food packaging catering to consumer behavior

[Abstract] using the two-way contingency method in nonparametric statistics, this paper analyzes the impact of packaging design on consumer behavior, introduces the specific application process of this method, and gives an application example

key words: nonparametric statistics; packing design; Consumer behavior

with the further development of China's economy, food packaging design plays a very important role. The popular food packaging design can promote commodities to quickly occupy the market cooperation power of the city, further improve the modified plastic market, and achieve good economic benefits. On the contrary, if the food packaging design does not carefully consider the above components, it is relatively easy to damage the preferences of consumers, In light cases, it will cause obstacles to food sales and economic losses, and in serious cases, it will lead to the bankruptcy of the enterprise

the packaging design of powerful food plays an important role in changing the added value of products. If the goods with good packaging design meet the preferences of consumers, they will have positive added value. If they do not meet the preferences of consumers, they will have a negative impact

with the rapid development of China's market economy, the expansion of foreign trade, the improvement of domestic people's living standards, the market demand for commodity packaging is changing significantly. The work of improving commodity packaging has become more and more important and urgent. The purpose of packaging commodities is to deliver commodities to consumers intact on the one hand, and to promote sales on the other. In the process of commodity circulation, the focus is on the protection of commodities; In the process of commodity sales, the focus is to publicize commodities to achieve the purpose of competitive sales. From the perspective of sales, only those attractive packaging designs and packaging devices loved by consumers can make packaging become effective packaging if the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation

due to the rapid development of self selected supermarkets, the importance of packaging design is increasing day by day. Modern packaging design has become an indispensable thing in people's daily life. The packaging of goods plays an important role as a silent salesman in the supermarket without sales

so what kind of packaging design is loved by consumers and can promote commodity sales is a problem worth studying. This paper studies the influence of packaging design on different professional consumers by mathematical method

1 summary of methods

a set of mathematical analysis methods are given by using the theory of mathematical statistics. In mathematical statistics, a basic problem is to establish a model based on the observed values of samples, and use mathematical statistics technology to further analyze the data. Since the parametric model is based on various probability distribution families with unknown parameters, if there is a slight discrepancy between the observed data and a certain distribution assumption, the parametric model may lead to wrong conclusions. In addition, there is no appropriate probability distribution to fit the data of this kind of problem we will analyze, so if we use the parametric model method to solve this kind of packaging problem, it will lack stability. In this way, we will be forced to use and develop a method to analyze such problems. The two-way contingency method in nonparametric statistical method is a simple and effective method to solve this kind of problem

the nonparametric statistical method can widely use various scales to collect data, which is more convenient to use. It can use the data of nominal scales (such as good and bad, beauty and ugliness, good and bad products, etc.), the data of order scales (such as the degree of preference for a packaging design can be divided into different grades such as a, B, C, d), and more accurate interval scales and proportional scales. In this way, the nonparametric statistical method can not only quantitatively analyze and study the phenomenon, but also analyze and study the hobbies of people who can not be accurately measured by numerical value in real economic life. This opens up a broad prospect for the study of packaging design quality attributes by mathematical statistics

if each observation in the random sample is divided into two or more aspects in a table, that is, each unit in the population is divided into two or more signs to study the correlation or mutual independence between various aspects, this table is called a joint list. For example, dividing the consumers targeted by a certain packaging design into two signs of male and female preference is called a two-way list. The analysis of the joint list is mainly to check whether the signs are independent when they are classified according to different signs. This method is used to study the impact of packaging design on consumer behavior

when studying a two-way associative list, if it contains row R and column C, i=1, 2,... R, j=1, 2,... Co will make PIY represent the probability of randomly extracting a sample unit from a known population and dividing it into row I and column J in the associative list. Further let PI represent the marginal probability that a sample unit is divided into the i-th row in the joint list, and let PJ represent the marginal probability that a sample unit is divided into the j-th column in the joint list, then:

because the sum of all horizontal and vertical columns in the joint list must be equal to 1, so:

(to be continued)

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