Paper receiving function and adjustment of the hot

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Paper receiving function and adjustment of offset printing control center CP2000 (II)

3 The paper receiving function is to develop new products, discuss the rubber formula and verify the detection instrument of product data. Direct operation control

turn on the blowing unit and air suction function on the air suction drum when the offset press is not in production:

air suction: press the paper guide air suction button (Fig./①)

suction roller: press the blowing button of the suction roller (Fig./②)

(Figure direct operation control of the paper receiving function)

XVI reduce the speed of the paper feeder and the height of the paper stack

1 The paper feeder deceleration

cp2000 console can control the switch of the paper feeder. The paper on the paper dispenser is easy to slip, so it is suggested that the less paper placed on the paper dispenser, the better to use the trapezoidal screw instead of the ball screw in order to save money and make greater profits

a. press the paper feed button (Figure/①) on the menu bar to open the paper feed menu, then press the paper feed stack button (Figure/②) to open the paper feed stack button (Figure)

b. use the +/- keys (Fig./③) to set the number of offset press revolutions between the insert and take-up inserts

the paper feeder can only be inserted into the paper stack after the paper stack passes through the electric eye. During the time from the start of this non-stop operation to the insertion of the paper feeder, the number of revolutions of the drum can be set by the console

(Figure reducing the stack height)

the shortest dead time is 1 turn, and the longest dead time is 9 turns. The standard setting is 1 revolution. If the standstill time is too long, the paper can easily slip under the front edge of the paper stopper (the main stack will continue to fall)

2. Preset lowering the stack height

preset lowering the stack height for the first time, mainly to insert the paper tray to take the paper. This value can be set between 10mm and 300mm. If the input value of this value is less than 10 mm, the paper receiving eye will set the lowering height by itself (Fig./①). The symbol for lowering the height will be displayed on the stack symbol (Fig./⑤). The main stack will automatically lower to the eye height

a. press the paper feeding button (Figure/①) on the menu bar under the rated range of the sensor, open the paper feeding menu, and then press the paper receiving stack button (Figure/②) to open the paper receiving stack menu

(Figure paper receiving eye)

b. use the +/- keys (Figure/⑥) to set the value of lowering height

prompt: the electric eye height is adjustable

the second lowering height after the paper take-up insert of the paper tray is fully inserted. This height can be set by CP2000 console, and the value range is 0 ~ 300mm

c. use the +/- keys (Fig./④) to set the value of lowering height 2

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