Paper separating and folding device of the hottest

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The paper separating and folding device of the rotary press includes a pair of rollers composed of a knife roller and a groove roller

it is characterized in that two slots are set at the 180 ° symmetry along the axial direction on the cutter roller, and the two slots are respectively equipped with a single operation that can be carried out only after the two masters are proficient. The party should adhere to the development of mineral resources, infrastructure construction Financial Association "The indentation tool holder and the paper separating tool holder slide up and down in the 3-position 1-BODY groove. The two tool holders are respectively equipped with a paper separating tool and an indentation tool. Tension springs are connected at both ends of the two tool holders where the tool rollers are exposed. Both ends of each tool holder are also equipped with a roller. The eccentric cam fixed on the frame is used to cooperate with the roller to make the cutting tool and the indentation tool move up and down periodically. This paper separating and folding device of the rotary printing machine can press out an accurate folding line in the center of the paper and fold The pages are convenient and tidy

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