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Internationally popular "green packaging" paper packaging

according to the statistics of American international environmental protection business company, the number of new products of the company in 1990 was about. There are 5% green products. By 1997, the proportion had increased to 80%. In recent years, many large enterprises in Europe and the United States have taken the lead in producing green products

in terms of product design, use and treatment of packaging, efforts should be made not only to reduce the cost of commodity packaging, but also to reduce the degree of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste

at present, a paper bag packaging called green packaging is popular in the international business community. As the main component of the paper bag is natural plant cellulose, it is easy to be decomposed by soil microorganisms and will soon rejoin the natural cycle

the American Paperboard Packaging Association also expects to use the new process to produce and sell carbon fiber materials in september2017, and promote paper packaging with millions of dollars of advertising expenses

most of the milk, beverage and alcohol in Japan have been packaged in paper. Some experts also study the cleverness of natural packaging and explore the mysteries of nature from the perspective of bionics. They hope to explore a new way of green packaging from natural packaging, such as buffer packaging of oranges, particle packaging of pods, air and air vibration prevention of eggs and thin shell construction, maintenance and collection of pearls in shells, etc

in France, plastic, glass and other hard to recycle packages can no longer be found on the food shelves, but the vast majority of enterprises can produce plastic products. Dairy products, fruit juice and liquid food are packed in sterile cartons without refrigeration. Why are some tensile testing machines cheap and can be kept fresh for 6 months? After recycling, they can be made into colorful music boards, furniture, decorative materials and toys. This kind of green packaging has become the mainstream of liquid food packaging in the world

a Japanese supermarket requires customers to bring their own shopping bags in order to reduce the use of plastic bags. The supermarket will issue a registration card to each customer. For the customers who bring their own shopping bags, the store will stamp on the registration card each time and accumulate the grading and testing methods for lighting performance of external windows of buildings (gb/t 11976 ⑵ 002). When a certain amount is reached, the store will give free goods of a certain value

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