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Angang Steel can complete the charging mission in a few minutes. Panzhihua Steel Research Institute proposed to adjust the structure of titanium dioxide products

recently, the Panzhihua Steel Research Institute of Angang Group submitted a special research report entitled "analysis of the current supply and demand of the global titanium dioxide market and suggestions for Panzhihua Steel" to the relevant departments of the group company, suggesting that the strategic structure of titanium dioxide products of Panzhihua steel should be adjusted quickly

the report points out that after a period of industrial structure adjustment, the production capacity of domestic high-grade rutile titanium dioxide products is gradually increasing and the import is relatively decreasing. However, the long-standing problem is still the unstable product quality and the lack of high-end and special-purpose products. In view of the current situation of excess output of low-grade titanium dioxide and large gap of high-grade titanium dioxide in China, it is urgent to adjust the structure and improve the quality of titanium dioxide industry in China. Therefore, more efforts should be made to stabilize and improve product quality and meet market demand. Large scale development of chlorinated rutile titanium dioxide should be carried out as soon as possible, and special products should be developed on the basis of quality improvement to expand the market

the report suggests that Panzhihua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., as a powerful large-scale titanium white square, vice chairman powder manufacturer of Xinghai Securities Regulatory Commission in China, should quickly gain wide recognition for the basic and leading role of materials, switch to high-end special-purpose products, improve quality and expand output

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