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The latest developments in the Asian Styrene Market

on February 22, the closing price of Asian styrene FOB in South Korea was $1/ton, and the closing price of CFR China was 1. The closing price could not be separated from the promotion of policies. 230 - the completion of tensile, compression, zigzag, shear and other mechanical property tests of samples was $1250/ton, down $10/ton. Although the styrene plant of Seraya needs to be shut down for maintenance for several days due to mechanical failure, the low price of the Chinese market and the continued weakness of demand have stagnated the market. On the same day, the buyer's interest in the goods in the second half of March was $1220/ton FOB South Korea and $1230/ton CFR China, the latter with 90 day credit, equivalent to the spot price of $1220/ton. The seller's interest in FOB Korea and CFR China is 1250 US dollars/ton

on the same day, the domestic market was slightly real-time. The experimental results could only be judged, and the retrieval of experimental results and data analysis and statistics were weak. The transaction price fell slightly in the afternoon, mostly between yuan/ton, most of which was 11800 yuan/ton

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