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In 2018, environmental protection and green development have become an important part of the work of local governments, and the environmental protection policies formulated by various regions according to their own development also show new characteristics

it is found that Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei and other provinces and cities have set expected energy consumption targets, Shaanxi, Beijing, Shanghai and other provinces and cities will launch a new round of environmental protection action plans, and Jilin, Hubei, Jiangsu and other provinces will vigorously promote the reform of the vertical management system of monitoring, supervision and law enforcement of environmental protection institutions below the provincial level. Jiangxi, Hunan, Shaanxi and other provinces have clearly supported the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industries, cleaner production industries, and clean energy industries

local environmental protection policies have their own emphasis

many places have included environmental protection and energy consumption indicators in the government work reports in the main expected goals of economic and social development

some provinces have set clear energy consumption data indicators. For example, Hebei proposed that the average concentration of PM2.5 should be reduced by 5%, and the emission reduction of chemical oxygen demand, sulfur dioxide, ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides should complete the national goals and tasks. Some provinces have put forward environmental protection target ranges, such as Jiangsu, which requires energy conservation and emission reduction and atmospheric and water environmental quality to ensure the completion of national goals and tasks

in order to fight for the rigidity of the experimental machine for pollution prevention and control, many places will launch a new round of environmental protection action plans this year. Hebei will formulate and implement the three-year plan for the blue sky defense and the three-year plan for clean heating in winter, and vigorously carry out the action of industrial enterprises to fully meet the emission standards. Xinjiang proposed to formulate and implement the five-year plan for environmental protection in Xinjiang and promote the establishment of the "Five Unifications" working mechanism for military and local environmental protection. Shanghai will launch and implement the seventh round of three-year action plan for environmental protection and a new round of clean air action plan to deepen the treatment of volatile organic compounds

since this year, many places have successively launched the reform of the vertical management system of environmental protection agencies' monitoring, supervision and law enforcement. Jiangsu proposed to achieve full coverage of provincial environmental protection inspectors this year. Anhui proposed to explore the establishment of a joint incentive and disciplinary mechanism for environmental credit

many places have stated that they will implement the strictest environmental protection system this year. Deng Xiaogang, director of the Department of ecological and environmental protection of Hainan Province, said that in the future, Hainan will continue to take strong measures against outstanding environmental problems such as atmosphere, water and soil, and even take higher than the national index requirements as the governance goal. For example, in the next step, Hainan will supply national six standard vehicle gasoline in advance, implement the latest and strictest standards for vehicle exhaust emissions, and strengthen vehicle exhaust governance

environmental protection related industries have become the focus of support

while controlling pollution, the development of green environmental protection industries has also become the focus of local governments this year

Tianjin, Shaanxi, Anhui and other places have clearly proposed to vigorously develop energy-saving and environmental protection products, which are suitable for printing movable crown bridge models (below), cleaner production industries, and clean energy industries

garbage disposal has been mentioned in government work reports in many places. Gansu should speed up the promotion of the harmless treatment mode of kitchen waste, build a "gutter oil" collection and transportation system, and strengthen the supervision of hazardous waste disposal. Yunnan will strengthen the construction of urban and rural domestic waste and sewage treatment facilities, and actively promote the classification of urban domestic waste with Kunming as the focus

some places have proposed specific environmental protection development projects. Chongqing should strengthen the management of environmental risk enterprises along the river and encourage third-party treatment of environmental pollution. Beijing said it supports the transformation of abandoned mines to develop eco-cultural tourism. In order to achieve the goal that the number of days with excellent urban ambient air quality exceeds 77% of the national requirements, Jilin requires to build 25 key projects for comprehensive utilization of straw. Shanghai, on the other hand, said that it would use the city's efforts to promote the construction of Chongming's world-class ecological island, focus on the construction of key projects such as infrastructure, green land and forest land, and ecological industry, and speed up the building of a benchmark and model for the great ecological protection of the Yangtze River economic belt

in addition to clear policies, local governments also have the support of "real money"

Beijing will continue to increase investment in environmental protection this year, but if it is used too frequently, it will invest 24billion yuan, an increase of 2billion yuan compared with last year. Hebei said it would strengthen ecological governance and allocate 10.3 billion yuan, including 4.93 billion yuan for air pollution prevention and control, to support the cleaning method of Jinan gold testing machine and win the blue sky defense war. The investment in environmental protection arranged by Shanghai is equivalent to about 3% of the city's GDP

in addition, some provinces have set restrictions on industrial projects that do not conform to environmental protection development. For example, Yunnan proposed to implement "one vote veto" for all projects that do not meet the requirements of environmental impact assessment

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