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Transparent PET cylindrical bottles of halo hair care products

many hair care products from Halo hair care products GWI are now available in 10 oz bottles. Halo, a branch of P & G in Cincinnati, won the best of show in this year's NACD Association competition

the product is distributed by TricorBraun, with crystal transparent packaging, but it emphasizes the attraction of hair care products to consumers. The transparent PET cylindrical bottle is a highlight that makes it win the award

the cylinder is blow molded by altira with a serrated bottom and a custom polypropylene chrome silver base. The bottle has a custom CHROME SILVER PP closure on its shoulder. TricorBraun international division purchases covers and bases from China. The cap is wrapped around a pallet type PP cap, and the degree of freedom of nitrogen and oxygen from CCL plast is about 70nm IC packaging. The colors of each part of humidification are very matched, which are different pearl white tones to identify different parts of 7 storage quantity units. The 10 oz cylindrical bottle can pack all product categories, including plump, repair, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. The bottle body has a refreshing pressure-sensitive label. It uses bi-directional stretch polyester film from Meyers printing for packaging, emphasizes the brand name, and uses silver foil for heat transfer printing to reflect light, increase brightness, and create an attractive effect

sucorbraun, director of marketing department, said: "This plan starts with a 9-ounce HDPE storage cylinder and disc-shaped bottle cap. Our design studio, TricorBraun international division, proposes to use the storage cap and customize a cap on it. Then Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. will work with you to tide over the epidemic. They match the cap with the plastic cup at the bottom, which is in lovely pearl color, which is consistent with the whole product."

source: packagingbest China

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