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The project "basic standards and applications for green manufacturing of mechanical and electrical products" was launched

the National 863 plan is known as the strategic, cutting-edge and forward-looking national high-tech research and development plan to solve the long-term development of the country. On September 4, the National 863 "basic standards and applications for green manufacturing of mechanical and electrical products" project led by Guangdong Institute of standardization was officially launched in Guangzhou. It is reported that the project has achieved a breakthrough in the National 863 plan led by the quality supervision system of Guangdong Province

according to Xiong Shili, President of Guangdong Institute of standardization, the whole process of deformation measurement is not divided into grades. The 863 Program project "basic standards and applications of green manufacturing of mechanical and electrical products", led by the Institute, takes the construction of green evaluation system of LED lighting products as the main application direction. After four rounds of selection and two rounds of expert defense, it was finally shortlisted with the second score of similar projects in the country, and with other electrical and electronic products The assembly of various typical electromechanical products such as automobiles and construction machinery is a 863 project. The project will guide the electromechanical industry to develop in the direction of green and environmental protection by formulating a standard system and taking the strategic emerging industry led lighting in Guangdong Province as a national typical pilot, so as to form a green production mode with low energy consumption and high production, and promote the sustainable, healthy and scientific development of China's LED lighting industry

in the past three years, Guangdong Institute of standardization has placed the standardization work of cultivating and developing strategic emerging industries in an important position for deployment. Using its own resources and platform advantages, the Institute integrates resources from all parties and establishes high-end standardized technical services as a means. However, in January 2016, it spared no effort to promote the standardization system construction of the strategic emerging industry led green lighting industry

led by the concept of high-end standardized technical services, the institute actively carried out the construction of LED lighting industry standard system. Focusing on the characteristics of the industry, the current situation of technological level, the layout of technological development and the current situation of industrial chain layout, relevant quality inspection institutions, universities and scientific research institutes are organized to carry out multi-dimensional discussions on the current situation and trend of standardization, and finally form the first LED standard planning Roadmap in China. According to the industrial characteristics, the roadmap plans the formulation, revision and implementation steps of the standards, and puts forward guidelines for the research, formulation, revision and implementation of key technical standards in the next few years. It not only makes a scientific, forward-looking, progressiveness and guiding plan for the standardization of LED lighting industry, but also has an important guiding role and significance for the effective implementation of the technical standard planning of strategic emerging industries

the viscosity of oil is too high. Under the effect of the concept of high-end standardized technical service, the institute actively promotes the implementation of the road map for the industry standard planning of elastic materials such as rubber lining in LED lighting fixtures. In the process of industrial standardization, through the introduction of innovative ideas such as top-level planning and basic technology support, a standardized public platform is built with the top-level design standardization mode, which provides technical support for the research of the 863 plan; Through the research on the basic technology of general standards, it provides a basis for the formulation of standards

at present, the three major standard systems of roadmap, benchmarking system and optical components formulated by the Institute have had a significant impact in the industry, effectively promoting the rapid development of key technology joint innovation, standard construction, quality evaluation, testing and certification of LED lighting industry, so as to effectively support and guide the development direction of industrial standardization, effectively consolidate the international status of China's LED lighting industrialization, and enhance the competitiveness of the industry in the world

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