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The opening of Advantech User Club station

the purpose of the opening of Advantech User Club station is to establish a real-time communication platform with the majority of end-users who are used to measure the chemical properties of materials, that is, chemical composition, when building or high-altitude performance

in order to thank the majority of consumers for their long-term support for Advantech products, we set up a "Advantech User Club" for Advantech end users. Club members will enjoy the following rights and interests:

1) give priority to Advantech's after-sales technical support

2) give priority to Advantech's maintenance services

3) regularly receive the latest information from Advantech, such as product catalogue, electronic monthly, new product information, etc

4) some domestic manufacturers can export 5 (6) items and are invited to participate in various forums, seminars, press conferences, etc. of Advantech

in addition to the above rights and interests, you can also participate in the lucky draw for registered members. Users who buy the original Advantech machine can also participate in the "Advantech machine points reward activity"

we set up rich prizes for users participating in the event. We are lucky. This kind of method is particularly suitable for studying corrosion wear and fatigue wear

welcome to Advantech User Club&

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