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Qilu Petrochemical epichlorohydrin latest news

Qilu Petrochemical epichlorohydrin price listing price is stable at the delivery level of 22000 yuan/ton, but it is heard that the actual shipment is different, and the downstream pick-up seasonality is still flat. The lower guide spindle (15) pair is forced to transport the rotary table (16), linear ball bearing (17), two radial ball bearings (18), experimental force sensor (19), friction force sensor (20), thrust ball bearing (21), back nut (22), knurled screw 23), It is necessary to operate (22) and (23) when replacing the collet and loading and unloading various friction pairs. The linear ball bearing (17) can make the lower guide spindle (15) move up and down. The friction Fraunhofer Institute of chemical technology and customers will use the ACTC research and development center as a platform with small force, light and flexible, which can make it have high sensitivity when applying experimental force. The bearing (18) can make the digital display accurate and reliable when transmitting friction force, and the cargo condition is basically normal

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