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Talking about: the skills of packaging enterprises to equip with testing instruments

with the continuous improvement of corrugated box enterprises and carton users' quality awareness, the testing of corrugated boxes, cardboard and base paper has become quite important. Throughout the development of the carton industry, the detection of carton products has bid farewell to the era of hand inspection. Scientific detectors have become an indispensable means for enterprises to control product quality

then, as a corrugated box enterprise, how to establish a quality inspection room and how to equip it with testing instruments suitable for the needs of the enterprise

first of all, it should be equipped according to the requirements of the detection indicators specified in the national standards for cartons and base paper

among them, according to the main detection indicators of base paper, the detection instruments that need to be equipped include: quantitative sampling knife, electronic balance, paper thickness gauge, ring pressure gauge (paperboard compression gauge), tension machine, moisture tester, resistance 4, packaging and process performance testing machine required by Bao Yuwei (including packaging drop testing machine, packaging impact testing machine, friction and wear testing machine, bending testing machine, straightening machine, etc.); Breaking tester, folding tester, surface absorption weight tester, smoothness tester, whiteness tester, and green alliance stiffness tester and gloss tester established by 32 well-known logistics enterprises at home and abroad

the testing instruments involved in corrugated board according to various indicators are: bursting tester, paperboard compression tester, puncturer, moisture tester, inner diameter ruler, guiding gauge, etc

moreover, the detection indicators of corrugated paper mainly include: pressure test, stacking test, vertical impact drop test

however, specific to which kinds of instruments each enterprise needs to equip, we should also consider comprehensively according to the current development scale of the enterprise and the requirements of customers, come up with the best plan, so that the money can be used on the blade, and avoid blindly buying instruments or buying instruments as decorations for customers

according to the actual work experience, it is believed that carton enterprises can be divided into three categories, with instrument allocation schemes suitable for their own needs:

for enterprises with paperboard production lines, conventional instruments can be equipped: inner diameter ruler, guiding gauge, steel ruler, tu-4 cup, electronic balance, thickness gauge and simple moisture tester. In addition, it should also be equipped with: cardboard bursting tester (to measure the bursting resistance of cartons and corrugated cardboard), cardboard compression tester (to measure the ring pressure strength of base paper, the edge pressure strength and adhesive strength of corrugated cardboard), drying moisture tester, quantitative sampler, and water absorption tester (to test the glue). If possible, it should also be equipped with folding tester, tensile machine and carton compression machine

Sheet metal is the coat of electronic universal testing machine

post processing enterprises that purchase corrugated cardboard processing should generally be equipped with: inner diameter ruler, guiding gauge, electronic balance, thickness gauge, moisture tester, cardboard bursting tester. If possible, paperboard compression tester and carton compression machine can be equipped

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