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2015 Industrial Expo site: major companies compete for intelligent manufacturing

2015 Industrial Expo site: major companies compete for intelligent manufacturing

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intelligent manufacturing, as one of the key points of "made in China 2025", has become a "tuyere" of great attention. Now, this wind has also blown to the 17th Industrial Expo held in Shanghai yesterday. One of the highlights of this CIFIT is that 46 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology have been unveiled, and the "smart competition" of many listed companies has added icing on the cake to the CIFIT

many companies released "smart manufacturing" new products

can dance vigorously and play Tai Chi. With the dexterous interaction of dancers, in front of the robot booth of listed companies, several small blue and white robots were crowded by the audience. This is the new product released at the 3-day Industrial Expo - flexible multi joint robot

according to Yang Yun, vice president of Zhongke Xinsong, a robot subsidiary, the robot independently developed and mainly released by the company this time is the first seven degree of freedom cooperative robot in China, which has the functions of rapid configuration, traction teaching, visual guidance, collision detection and so on; Compared with the existing products in the market, it has the advantages of high load and low cost, and can meet the needs of users for short investment return cycle and the safety, flexibility and human-computer cooperation of robot products. It is especially suitable for flexible production lines with compact layout and high accuracy, and can complete industrial operations such as precision assembly, product packaging, grinding, testing, machine tool loading and unloading. It is reported that, unlike other companies that use a large number of sensors, this robot adopts the original "compliance system" technology, so that the robot can easily have the sensing functions of "seeing, listening, touching"

Yang Yun said that the company takes robots and intelligent manufacturing solutions as its two major businesses to help the implementation of "made in China 2025" and industrial transformation and upgrading

in the field of key robot parts, Qinchuan machine tool said at the Industrial Expo that it had completed the development of a full series of eight types of joint reducers, and had cooperated with more than 20 manufacturers for trial use, of which it had signed an order with Guangshu to ship 1000 units a month; The company's intelligent eccentric shaft processing line and reducer assembly line with an annual output of 60000 units (5000 units per month) will be completed and put into trial operation in the second quarter of next year. It is reported that the company has cooperated with "Bosch Rexroth" to optimize the original "Qinchuan robot joint reducer 5+1" production line project to further improve the automation and intelligence level of the production line

another listed company, Huanghe whirlwind, showed the soft power of intelligent manufacturing. Mingjiang intelligent, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huanghe whirlwind, launched the "Newton 1.0" operating system at the Industrial Expo. It is reported that the system is an intelligent acquisition platform based on ARM processor and embedded real-time operating system. It supports the acquisition of dozens of PLCs such as Siemens, Mitsubishi and delta, as well as the data acquisition of mainstream CNC systems such as FANUC, Mitsubishi and Siemens 840D. It can reduce the implementation difficulty of industrial 4.0 projects by 60% and the maintenance cost by 90%; With this system, users can collect the desired data as they wish with simple configuration, and react on the production line through intelligent execution manufacturing system (MES) algorithm processing, so as to realize industrial intelligent production quickly

in addition, Huichuan technology, Easton, xinshida and many other companies also showed their latest products and technologies

intelligent chemical plants and solutions attract attention

with the industrial transformation and upgrading and the rapid rise of labor costs, intelligent chemical plants have become an important driving force for China's transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. The counterweight lever is the balance mechanism of the weight of the upper spindle, the upper spindle sleeve and the main lever itself. Many listed companies have seen the opportunity of "intelligent chemical plants and solutions" and competed to show their own "muscle" of a/d conversion at the Industrial Expo

Baosteel participated in the Expo with its "hot rolling intelligent workshop project", which can be regarded as a model for traditional manufacturing enterprises to seize the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing and seek transformation. According to reports, after the successful transformation of the hot rolling intelligent workshop, the energy utilization rate increased by 5%, the full-automatic steel rolling rate increased by 6%, the quality cost decreased by 20%, and the labor efficiency increased by 10%, making Baosteel safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly

at the same time, Huazhong CNC, as a state-owned enterprise in Colleges and universities, jointly demonstrated the "intelligent chemical plant" - 3C drilling center production line. As one of the 2015 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the project will build an intelligent workshop based on domestic CNC equipment, domestic robots, and domestic system software, and promote its application to the entire 3C industry. According to the company, the production line participating in the exhibition adopts Huashu 608 series robots, which can realize the loading and unloading work between the four drilling centers, thus saving two to three labor forces; Based on domestic equipment, the system has the advantages of relatively low input cost, fast cost recovery, convenient system maintenance and so on. It is reported that the intelligent production line has assembled a workshop of Jinsheng precision and is running well. It will be promoted and copied in the Pearl River Delta and the country in the future. According to the data, Huazhong CNC has also cooperated with Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd. to provide hundreds of sets of CNC systems for its drilling and tapping center; And cooperate with BYD for small batch trial

Mingjiang intelligent, a subsidiary of Huanghe whirlwind, also showed the country's first unmanned flexible H-beam welding production line, providing a model for the development of the domestic steel structure industry. It is reported that this production line can increase the production efficiency by more than 20%, reduce the operating cost by 20%, shorten the product development cycle by 30%, reduce the defective product rate by 30%, and increase the energy utilization rate by 10%. With the intelligent chemical plant transformation scheme of grounding gas, Mingjiang intelligent has become a partner of Midea, Baosteel, Haier, CSCEC and other well-known enterprises, and the company's intelligent transformation scheme has been "embedded" in the production workshops of these enterprises

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