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Strategies for environmental protection packaging (Part I)

the selection of environmental protection materials, the adoption of new technologies and machinery for environmental protection packaging, and the selection of professional packaging service institutions can change the image of China's export products in overseas developed markets and effectively improve their competitiveness

the objectives and requirements of environmental protection packaging run through the whole process of product design, production, packaging and sales, and until waste utilization and recycling. Environmental protection packaging requires that the selection of raw materials is an important way for the current search engine to rank the query results. The whole process of development, processing, use and recycling must meet the requirements of harmlessness, pollution-free and environmental protection. At present, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, France and other developed countries have formulated corresponding packaging laws and policies, and some countries have even implemented the "environmental protection mark" system to strengthen manufacturers, importers and retailers in choosing packaging materials, packaging technology, packaging machinery and packaging service institutions, all of which should be based on environmental protection and improve the competitiveness of their products in overseas markets

environmental protection packaging and export

environmental protection packaging, also known as green packaging. Packaging is the beautification of products. The concept of "green" makes this beautification process more environmentally friendly. The international voice of protecting the environment, caring for the earth and saving resources is getting higher and higher, and the overseas market has increasingly strict requirements on the packaging of foreign trade products. There is a close complementary relationship between environmental protection packaging and foreign trade. Environmental protection packaging has its major reasons to comply with the trend and the law, and will become the passport of the international market

at present, advanced countries such as Europe, the United States and Japan pay special attention to environmental protection packaging. Therefore, natural products should be selected for packaging. From the perspective of users, the most important thing of environmental protection packaging is that packaging materials can be recycled for use

environmental protection packaging will become the mainstream of the market

the basis of environmental protection packaging is ISO14000, and most countries take this as the standard to promote environmental protection packaging mode. ISO14000 series expressly stipulates that all internationally purchased products (packaging) should be subject to environmental certification and ecological assessment (LCA), and use environmental labels. Since 1999, ISO has implemented a green "environmental label" to achieve a technological breakthrough in new materials such as borides, silicides and carbides, pushing the green revolution of product packaging to a new level, which plays a great role in promoting Chinese exporters

a group in Hong Kong has been engaged in the development, production and trade of export products for a long time. The group uses pollution-free and environmentally friendly packaging materials in the production, packaging and export of health products. In their long-term export trade work, they found that countries such as Europe and the United States, Singapore and Japan welcome environmentally friendly packaging, and have strict requirements for the import of packaging materials that are difficult to decompose in the natural environment and harmful to the environment. Moreover, in the international market, buyers of food and medical and health products have special requirements for environmentally friendly packaging

it can be seen that the significance of China's export enterprises' comprehensive promotion of environmentally friendly packaging is not only to reduce environmental pollution, but also a pass for enterprises to enter the international market

choose environmentally friendly packaging materials

environmentally friendly packaging has a clear definition of the recycling of packaging materials: repeatedly renewable packaging materials, edible packaging materials, soluble materials and natural paper materials. Environmental protection packaging is reflected in: first, it uses less materials, has the least waste, and saves energy; Second, it is easy to recover and regenerate; Third, packaging waste materials will no longer produce secondary pollution; Fourth, environmental friendly packaging materials can be decomposed by themselves and will not pollute the environment

therefore, the selection of environmental protection packaging materials should reflect the basic principles of harmless, pollution-free and renewable utilization. Recyclable environmental protection packaging materials are divided into:

1, paper packaging: corrugated boxes, etc

2. Wood: plywood boxes, fiberboard boxes, plywood barrels, fiberboard barrels, wooden pallets for transportation and packaging, etc

3. Plastic packaging: plastic turnover boxes, plastic closed barrels, plastic woven bags, flexible container bags, plastic eye bags, etc

4. Metal packaging: steel sheet barrel, galvanized iron barrel, aluminum barrel, iron plastic composite barrel, etc

in addition, in order to save natural materials, the packaging industry at home and abroad has actively researched and developed new environmentally friendly packaging materials with high and new technologies in recent years. The environmental protection packaging material "eiklin material" developed by the analysis department of ruiqu aiklin company is taken from the pure natural packaging - egg shell, based on calcium carbonate, which is the most widely distributed substance in nature, and polyolefin, which is harmless to human body and natural environment, is added as adhesive. Their products can be made as strong as hard plastic bottles and as soft as ordinary plastic bags. The purpose of the development of eklin materials is to reduce the consumption of natural resources, reduce the pollution to the environment and the harm to the human body. From these aspects, eklin materials are superior to traditional packaging materials such as ordinary plastic containers, paper containers, aluminum containers and so on. (to be continued)

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