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Hebei quality supervision waterproof coiled material anti-counterfeiting action scene information

Hebei quality supervision waterproof coiled material anti-counterfeiting action scene information

July 24, 2013

[China paint information] "the door is open, drive the car directly." The law enforcement officers, who had been waiting outside for nearly an hour, rushed the driver to drive into the factory. Recently, in Xinle City, Hebei Province, quality supervision and law enforcement personnel braved the rain to carry out law enforcement and crackdown on counterfeits, and the object of crackdown is waterproof coiled material products. This is a shot of the campaign against counterfeiting of waterproof coiled materials of the "quality inspection sword action" of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine

"divide the law enforcement team into two teams, please hand it over for centralized custody!" At 8 a.m., in front of the Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality supervision building, the provincial and municipal inspection bureaus urgently assembled teams to promote the establishment and improvement of the packaging management system of the express industry with Chinese characteristics, and carried out pre war mobilization. The law enforcement personnel were neatly dressed and energetic, and the law enforcement vehicles were lined up and ready to go. The staff of the law enforcement supervision department of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, who supervised the law enforcement and crackdown on counterfeit goods on site, made fine arrangements before the crackdown on counterfeit goods in the drizzle

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what I saw at the scene of Hebei quality supervision's anti counterfeiting action on waterproof coiled materials

the vehicle drove out of Shijiazhuang, ran on the highway, and about two hours later, drove into xinledi. At this time, the law enforcement officers on the car have basically guessed the target product of this action, and also learned from their conversation that it is almost always the same: this time, it is to crack down on the counterfeiting of waterproof coiled materials, because such enterprises gather here

as expected, led by the informant, law enforcement vehicles drove into Song Village, Dugu Town, where waterproof coiled material production enterprises are concentrated, and the village roads are filled with all kinds of waste tires and coiled materials. At this time, the rain was pouring, and the informant's eyes were clinging to the windshield of the car, trying to identify the company that had previously secretly visited and mastered the production of fake waterproof rolls

during the on-site interview, when trying to approach and check the waste coiled materials piled on the roadside, the local people nearby showed great vigilance and asked what they did

the law enforcement vehicle drove close to a waterproof coiled material production enterprise. There was no sign at the gate of the factory, but there was a camera installed high above. When the enterprise personnel saw someone coming, because of the good casting performance, they immediately closed the originally open factory door with vigilance, leaving the law enforcement personnel unable to open it in the rain. With the efforts of quality supervision departments at all levels and local governments, nearly an hour later, the closed door of the factory was opened, and then the scene at the beginning of the manuscript occurred

"when I came in, there were few workers in the field, and several young people were playing in the office." A person in charge of Xinle Quality Supervision Bureau, who rushed in front of the law enforcement team, told that there were more waterproof coiled material production enterprises near Xinle City, including 30 or 40. On June 3, some products of this factory had just been sealed up because they were suspected of unlicensed and counterfeit production

it was seen at the scene that the boiler in the plant area still had residual temperature, and the production line equipment had stopped running, but the drum of the equipment was still hot, and there were sheets of waterproof coiled materials left on it. The marking content included "modified asphalt waterproof coiled materials, Beijing Jindun building materials Co., Ltd." and other information. In addition, from the end of the production line, this fatigue testing machine is mainly used for fatigue life tests of various coil springs, Belleville springs, shock absorbers, seal springs, etc. see the label printed with "production date: June 6". "At least yesterday." A national law enforcement and crackdown expert with many years of experience in cracking down on counterfeits affirmed

seeing this situation, the person in charge of law enforcement led by Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality supervision urged the case handler to quickly look through the previous law enforcement records to check whether the waterproof coiled material seized last time has changed and whether there are new products on site

about half an hour after the law enforcement officers entered the factory, the leaders of Xinle municipal government rushed over. According to his introduction, waterproof materials are a traditional industry in Xinle City, with about 40 production enterprises and only 13 certified enterprises. The city has previously conducted a joint action against waterproof coiled materials, and all unlicensed production and production of fake and shoddy products will be shut down. "The quality supervision bureau is also figuring out that some illegal enterprises that steal production will be investigated and punished according to law, and reported to the government to shut down and ban them."

"the production stopped less than two days ago. Until now, the boss hasn't come for seven or eight days." In the office of the enterprise, a staff member surnamed fan flatly denied that the enterprise was still producing, and said it was unclear whether the enterprise had a business license. See the desk to avoid exceeding the preset schedule on a notebook, recording the production record in May this year. The staff hurriedly replied, "that's the record I made when I worked in other factories."

the waterproof coiled materials produced in the factory area of the enterprise have companies in Beijing, Tianjin, Shandong and other places according to the marked name of the manufacturer. The relevant person in charge of Xinle Quality Supervision Bureau said that during the inspection on June 3, it was found that this enterprise had several brands in Beijing and several other brands, which were suspected of producing fake and shoddy products. In the next step, further investigation and handling will be carried out. At the scene, the law enforcement officers of Shijiazhuang Quality Supervision Bureau sealed up and detained all 1041 volumes of products involved, and took samples and sent them to qualified quality inspection institutions to inspect the product quality

at the same time, another group of law enforcement and anti-counterfeiting teams came to the news that a batch of waterproof coiled materials suspected of falsely using the factory name and address of others were found on the scene. The law enforcement personnel took sealing measures on the scene and conducted sampling and inspection according to law

the clue informant told that the two waterproof coiled material manufacturers in Xinle City, who were inspected on site, copied the materials of this brand and sent about 600 rolls to the construction site one day. The same specification is basically 1/3 of our price

"the biggest problem with waterproof coiled materials is the use of low-quality raw materials, so it is difficult to achieve the indicators." On the back of the car, relevant experts said that using waste materials as raw materials to produce waterproof coiled materials, the soluble content, impermeability, tensile properties, low-temperature flexibility of the products are easy to fail to meet the standard. In terms of cost, the cost of qualified coiled materials in normal production is generally more than 20 yuan. "The waste material is about 10 yuan, which is more than double."

on the way back, accompanied by the sound of rain hitting the glass outside the window, the law enforcement officers discussed: "verify the commissioned production of the inspected enterprises as soon as possible, inspect the samples as soon as possible, and determine the quality status; draw inferences from one instance, check all such production plants in the region once, and report to the government organization for banning as soon as possible if it is verified that there is no certificate or license..." at this time, the rain is more fierce, The water level on some roads even fell below the top half of the car tires

subsequently, in accordance with the unified deployment of the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, Hebei Provincial Bureau of quality supervision organized the relevant municipal bureaus to carry out a unified joint action on waterproof coiled materials, carried out law enforcement inspection on the clues of the cases handled by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine one by one, dispatched 1260 law enforcement officers (Times), inspected 64 production enterprises (Times), and seized 34 enterprises and factories that produced counterfeit products and did not have production licenses, It was reported to the local government to take measures such as power cuts to shut down and ban 59 dens

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