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Explanation of the structural characteristics of the split air-cooled water chiller of dongyuejin water chiller factory

the split design of the dongyuejin brand air-cooled water chiller has been highly praised by users: the air-cooled water chiller commonly used in various industries is a refrigeration equipment integrating compressor, evaporator, condenser, throttling device and cooling fan, which has certain requirements for the ambient temperature of the working area, In order to solve the current situation that the heat dissipation of this high-power integrated air-cooled chiller is all discharged indoors, and there is noise and vibration that may affect the normal work of other equipment, a split air-cooled chiller is specially developed and designed. At present, users respond that the use effect is very good

for the air-cooled split chiller, the biggest difference between it and the integral air-cooled chiller is that it adopts the split design, the water system is all placed indoors, and has intelligent and anti freezing protection for the hammer handle equipped with the handle sleeve. 4. It is mainly used for fasteners made of malleable cast iron and live cast steel used in scaffolding, derricks, formwork support, etc. of steel pipes with a nominal outer diameter of 48.3mm and 51mm in construction projects, and compressors, condensers The outdoor unit composed of fans is installed outdoors, and the heat emitted is directly discharged outside, and is not affected by the noise of the unit. It is mainly used to support vacuum coating machine, ion coating machine, vacuum furnace, industrial furnace, large-scale industrial washing machine and other equipment with large calorific value, and the specific selection and installation of air-cooled water cooler. "A person in charge of the company said that for details and precautions, please refer to" humanized design and installation of split air-cooled water cooler is more convenient "

configuration description and performance characteristics of dongyuejin brand air-cooled split chiller:

1. Select the original imported compressor from Sanyo of Japan or tanlun of the United States, with low noise, low energy consumption and stable operation, which not only saves electricity but also has a long service life

2. The evaporator condenser is independently designed and produced by the company. It is made of real materials to ensure sufficient cooling capacity. The unique design makes the subsequent cleaning and maintenance more convenient. If you are told that the express package is green and degradable

3. The throttling device of the unit adopts well-known brands such as alco of the United States and Danfoss of Denmark, which can adjust the flow of refrigerant entering the evaporator of the chiller to adapt to the change of refrigeration load and realize the purpose of adjusting refrigeration capacity

4. Microcomputer Chinese digital display control panel with precise temperature control, with temperature control accuracy of 0.1 ℃, can ensure that the operation and fault conditions of the unit are clear at a glance

5. The configured compressor delay start protector, overload protector, high and low voltage protector, temperature control switch, antifreeze switch, fuse plug, electronic time protection safety valve, compressor overheat protector, compressor frequent start protector and abnormal indicator light can protect the chiller at the first time and ensure its normal operation

6. Use original imported European CIE fans, or domestic famous brands Fulihua fans, Mar fans, etc. The internationally advanced rotor design, imported aluminum magnesium alloy and Japanese imported tevenienne fan have long service life, low noise, high efficiency, rain and snow resistance, high temperature resistance, and the effect has not decreased for more than ten years, greatly improving the heat efficiency ratio

at present, dongyuejin brand split air and water chillers have been widely used in all walks of life. For users who have little power requirements for air-cooled chillers, it is more suitable to use low-power integrated air-cooled chillers, which have small power and emit acceptable heat

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