On the second road of the development of Chongqing

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On the development road of Chongqing's printing industry (II)

III. external conditions for the development of Chongqing's printing industry

1. Strict requirements and management of publishing units

it is difficult to ensure the quality of printed materials should be textbooks, books, periodicals and magazines, because these publications are mainly for people to read and learn in order to obtain knowledge. If the printing quality is poor, it will inevitably seriously affect people's need for knowledge. Therefore, as the publishing units of textbooks, books, periodicals and magazines, they should attach great importance to and strictly manage the printing quality of publications, and require printing enterprises to ensure that the quality of publications meets the requirements and meets the needs of readers. The clearer and stricter the requirements for publishing units, the Chongqing printing industry can be more aware of the importance, change the pressure into a driving force, and vigorously improve the quality of publication printing

2. Improve the self-discipline management and training of the printing association

the printing association is a home for printing enterprises and printing workers, and a bridge between the government and enterprises. Therefore, Chongqing printing association should play a more important role in promoting the development of Chongqing printing industry. The printing association should actively hold printing and binding training courses at various levels according to the needs of Chongqing's printing industry, so as to improve the technical level of Chongqing's printing workers in a larger scope; Hold special seminars on production, technology, materials, equipment and management, and vigorously improve the comprehensive management level and quality of printing enterprises; Often lead Chongqing enterprises to visit and inspect coastal advanced printing enterprises, and deeply discuss the control, inspection, improvement and improvement methods of printing quality, so as to ensure that the printing quality is fully qualified; Actively take the lead and create conditions to promote the establishment of Chongqing printing enterprise group, so as to enhance the overall strength of Chongqing printing industry

3. guidance and management of the Government Printing Department

in actively promoting and accelerating the development of Chongqing printing industry, the Government Printing Department should be the chess player rather than the chess spectator of Chongqing printing industry. Although there are various historical reasons for the problems of Chongqing's printing industry, the fact that the current situation of Chongqing's printing industry is not commensurate with the image of Chongqing municipality directly under the central government has come to a point where we are not allowed to investigate more historical reasons. Therefore, the development of Chongqing's printing industry should become the subject of serious study by the Government Printing authorities. The more attention the government pays, the more promising Chongqing's printing industry will be and the better conditions for its development will be. From the experience of many provinces and cities across the country, we can see that what kind of printing guidance and management mode the government has, there must be what kind of printing industry. Chongqing should have mature thinking and plan measures in the cultivation and growth of the printing industry, in the competition mechanism of the printing industry, in the production and quality management, and in the grouping of printing enterprises

4. Fierce competition and requirements in the publishing and cultural markets

the market is always ruthless. Even the products that were popular yesterday may be abandoned by the market today as long as they no longer meet the needs of the market. Market demand is the demand of readers and users. Only by meeting the needs of readers and users can printed matter have a market and be recognized by the society. Otherwise, it is worthless, even polluting and poisoning the society. However, the competition in the publishing and cultural markets is very fierce. First of all, content is required by consumers. At the same time, consumers also pay great attention to the perfect combination of content and form. As far as the printed matter of publications is concerned, the books or textbooks with the same topic and content, and the ones with good printing quality are often willing to be selected and used by readers, so there is a market. And the problems of poor printing quality, missing pages and other serious problems are always hated by readers, which will naturally lose the market. Therefore, the publishing and cultural market has become the touchstone of Chongqing's printing industry's ability and strength. If it adapts, it will develop, and if it does not adapt, it will be eliminated. This is the game rule of the market, and no one can violate it

IV. the fundamental requirements for the rapid development of Chongqing's printing industry

1. deepen the system reform and change the enterprise mechanism

according to the statistics in 1999, among the 1290 printing enterprises in Chongqing (excluding the "three printing" enterprises), there are 141 state-owned enterprises, 629 collective enterprises, 105 limited companies and 71 joint stock limited companies. Obviously, the restructuring of state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises in Chongqing's printing enterprises into joint-stock enterprises is not enough. It is necessary to further promote and establish a new enterprise system with corporate governance structure as the core, corporate enterprises as the main form, limited system as the important characteristics, clear property rights, separation of government and enterprises, and scientific management as the basic characteristics. At the same time, we should actively change the operating mechanism of enterprises, and further reform and improve the distribution system, personnel system, employment system and other systems. Through restructuring, printing enterprises can break through the shackles of the system and show the vitality of production and management

2. Update equipment and improve production conditions

the price of printing equipment is generally expensive, often hundreds of thousands of yuan, or even millions of yuan. However, without sophisticated equipment, it is not only difficult to guarantee the printing output, but also the printing quality. Without diamond, it's hard to do porcelain work, and a skillful woman can't make bricks without straw. In order to improve production efficiency and ensure the quality of printed matter, we must transform and update the equipment in time

3. Training and education, improving quality

the low quality and poor professional knowledge of employees are important manifestations of the backwardness of Chongqing's printing industry. On the one hand, there is no printing technical school in Chongqing, which cannot cultivate a large number of practical printing technology experts for the printing industry in Chongqing; On the other hand, many enterprise bosses do not have long-term talent training plans, and do not timely carry out staff training or send staff to printing professional colleges for training according to the needs of enterprise development. This leads to little training and improvement opportunities for enterprise employees, which generally makes the quality of enterprise employees low and professional knowledge unable to keep up with the needs of printing technology. However, the development of printing technology is very rapid, printing equipment continues to push through the old and bring forth the new, and many new processes and new market needs continue to emerge. If the quality of enterprise employees does not meet the needs of the development of the printing industry, Chongqing's printing industry will inevitably fall behind again. Therefore, actively carrying out staff training and vigorously improving the cultural quality and professional knowledge of enterprise staff should be a shortcut to promote the rapid development of Chongqing's printing industry, MDF gb/t11718 ⑴ 999 and an important way

4. Strengthen management and ensure quality

the actual temperature of each section of the host can be accurately reflected from the reading of the temperature control instrument. From the perspective of production and operation of enterprises, the management of Chongqing printing industry is quite insufficient. The decisive victory of enterprises lies in the terminal, and the enterprise management is at the grass-roots level. The former refers to that market and service are the key to the success or failure of enterprises. The latter refers to that enterprise management should not only be managed at the strategic level of enterprise development, but also be implemented at the grass-roots level, in each specific production link and in each printing producer. Therefore, improving and strengthening management, especially grass-roots management, has become the top priority of every printing enterprise. Standardized systems and documents must be formed, and they must be implemented in all aspects of the production and operation of the enterprise. The geometric coaxiality values at the two positions about 200mm and 100mm away from the end face of the active chuck must be implemented, which must be conducive to the assurance of the quantity and quality of printed products, and must focus on the development and future of the enterprise

5. Expanding scale and collectivization development

small scale operation and development is a necessary process for the original accumulation of enterprises and a positive preparation condition for the large-scale expansion and collectivization development of enterprises. However, as far as the whole Chongqing printing industry is concerned, small-scale operation is a decentralized, disordered and paired enterprise, which is very helpful for the next step of development. The production and operation is basically short-term behavior, and cannot form a strong enterprise or a strong industry. Therefore, we should seize the opportunity, actively prepare for the conditions, take advantage of the momentum and timely establish a number of Chongqing printing enterprise groups to further expand Chongqing's printing strength. Through scale expansion, we can further reduce production costs, enhance the ability to resist market risks, enable Chongqing's printing industry to achieve rapid and sustainable development, and better serve Chongqing's publishing and cultural undertakings and industries. By contracting more printing businesses at home and abroad and actively promoting Chongqing, Chongqing's printing industry will truly become a strong industry and make due contributions to Chongqing's economic and social development. ※

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