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The 6th Beiyang Young Scientists Forum Mechanical Engineering College sub forum was successfully held

this website (correspondent Han Xianghua photographed Ma Tianming) on December 29, the 6th Beiyang Young Scientists Forum Mechanical Engineering College sub forum was successfully held in Beiyang Park Campus, and 15 outstanding young scholars from home and abroad were invited to participate in the forum. This year's young scientists sub forum has a special session for academic reports and interviews

the special session of academic report was held in the Hongyuan lecture hall of the College of mechanical engineering. The college's long-term professors, young teachers, doctoral students and master's students listened to the wonderful academic reports of young scholars, and President Wang Tianyou delivered a welcome speech on behalf of the college. Wang Tianyou first extended a warm welcome to the young scholars who came from afar, and then briefly introduced the development history, faculty, discipline construction, scientific research achievements of the college. Finally, on behalf of the college, he sincerely invited the outstanding young scholars attending the meeting to Tianjin University to jointly develop with the College of mechanical engineering and create a better future. This sub forum of young scientists consists of three fields: mechanics, mechanical engineering, power engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, the University of Queensland in Australia, Munich University of technology in Germany, Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China, the Royal Swedish Institute of technology, Eindhoven University of science and technology in the Netherlands, Aachen University of technology in Germany, Helmholtz Institute in Germany, Royal Melbourne University of technology in Australia Fifteen young scholars from world-renowned high-level universities and scientific research institutions such as the Norwegian University of science and technology, King Abdullah University of science and technology in Saudi Arabia, the University of Bremen in Germany, the University of West England in the United Kingdom, and the University of Pennsylvania at Erie in the United States made wonderful academic reports based on their own research directions and academic frontiers, covering advanced energy technologies, gasoline compression ignition engines for future fuels The application of pore network model in porous media research, micro scale hydrodynamics and the application of advanced functions and nano materials, high-efficiency carbon film for biogas purification, intelligent product service system design innovation driven by information technology, time-delay and measurable friction coefficient of materials, complex dynamic network synchronous synthesis, robot mechanism performance design theory and precision calibration technology, detection and imaging based on ultrasonic waveguide Experimental research on friction drag reduction in turbulent boundary layer, laminar turbulent transition in pulsating pipe flow, molecular dynamics research on the mechanical behavior of two-dimensional black phosphorus nanomaterials, rare earth technology - magnetic refrigeration and magnetic separation, molecular dynamics simulation of capillary fluid flow phenomena and other academic frontiers. The special session of the academic report was held by Deng Shuai, a young teacher of power engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, Qin Xuda, a professor of mechanical engineering, and Liu Zhengxian, a professor of mechanics. The test functions cover soft tissue (skin, blood vessels), hard tissue (bone), soft materials (hydrogel, artificial skin blood vessels), hard materials (bone nails, bone plates, high molecules) and other materials, The participating teachers and students and young scholars met the high transparency of polycarbonate materials, actively interacted, and discussed issues of interest

according to different fields, the special interview was presided over by Qin Xuda, Professor of mechanical engineering, Liu Zhengxian, Professor of mechanics, and Tian Hua, Secretary of the Labor Party branch of science and education in force engineering and engineering thermophysics. The College Construction Committee, the College Academic Committee, the college degree evaluation committee, the college party and government joint meeting and other professors of all first-class disciplines attended the meeting according to fields. The young scholars introduced their study and work experience, academic achievements, teaching experience, and the ideas and expected results of the research work to be carried out in Tianjin University. The judges conducted in-depth exchanges with young scholars in combination with the frontiers of disciplines and academic hotspots

the College of mechanical engineering attaches great importance to the introduction of talents, and has always adhered to the working idea of "actively introducing, based on training", taking improving the training system of high-quality top-notch innovative talents as the main line, and actively introducing a number of outstanding young talents at home and abroad. Since the first Beiyang young scientists sub forum was held in April 2016, the College of mechanical engineering has successfully held six sub forums, with a total of more than 190 applicants and 69 invited participants. Through the forum of young scientists, the college has successfully introduced a number of level B candidates for the "Beiyang scholar talent program", which greatly encourages young talents to join the school of mechanical engineering of Tianjin University

in order to encourage teachers' enthusiasm to participate in discipline construction and discipline services, the college also specially invited all long-term professors and teachers aged 45 and under to attend the academic report, which greatly improved the participation rate and interaction of teachers and students in the special session of the academic report; At the same time, the interview session creatively set up the whole process judges and half process judges, which is more reasonable and targeted in talent selection

During the sub forum, young scholars from various disciplines were also invited to visit the laboratory and have in-depth exchanges

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