Benign development trend of wardrobe customization

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Wardrobe customization industry competition benign development trend

wardrobe customization industry competition benign development trend

facing the challenges of other brand enterprises, how will wardrobe customization enterprises respond? There are powerful competitors in the industry, which greatly promotes the benign development of the whole wardrobe customization industry. Wardrobe customization is different from finished furniture. Finished furniture has absolute advantages in scale and productivity. Customized furniture is a relatively personalized, independent and privatized product

taking Zhangzhou as an example, the initial wardrobe customization originated from the sliding door of the wardrobe, and gradually developed to the overall wardrobe and cloakroom. It started late but developed rapidly, and it is also developing in the direction of professional reform. Therefore, furniture enterprises' entry into the wardrobe field has only impacted some wardrobe enterprises, which is not enough to affect the development direction of the whole industry

in the past ten years, the furniture industry has experienced a spiral process from small workshop manual customization to industrial production, and then to high-tech mechanized customization. Personalization has become a development direction of the furniture industry in the future. Under the guidance of this general direction, furniture customization will also become an important supplement to finished furniture. This "tailored" product customization, in the final analysis, meets the needs of consumers. Wardrobe customization enterprises must take products as the cornerstone, demand as the purpose, and service as the driving force, so as to gain a firm foothold in the market

the production process of wardrobe customization is different from other wood products, especially the sliding door of wardrobe. This is a big challenge for enterprises that want to enter the field of wardrobe customization. For example, furniture enterprises mostly work on assembly lines, but wardrobe customization is not only positioned to achieve a breakthrough in volume, which makes wardrobe production form a delicate and targeted model, which is fundamentally different from the production of finished furniture

the old carpenter said: I will realize your creativity! The old carpenter's logs are customized in the whole house, and the cracking and deformation are compensated twice

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