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Founded in 1994, golden finger code has a reputation as one of the top ten fingerprint lock brands of tmall, the top ten smart lock brands of China building materials network, and one of the leading fingerprint lock brands in China

ksmak gold finger code brand has launched a fingerprint lock - K51. The following is the relevant information about this smart cloud lock. Learn about the product's reputation, recent activities and product configuration features

ksmak gold finger code one grip open fingerprint lock K51 smart cloud lock online! Gold finger code is committed to creating a safer, more convenient and more intelligent smart lock. The new fourth generation of a grip, K51 shock was born

gold finger code is not only the originator of one grip, but also the originator of Chinese fingerprint lock, which was founded in 1994. According to authoritative research, the first fingerprint lock 831 was launched as early as 2001. In addition, gold finger code also has the reputation of tmall's top ten fingerprint lock brands, China building materials network's top ten smart lock brands, and one of China's leading fingerprint lock brands

gold finger code fingerprint lock K51 is the fourth generation of "one grip open" smart cloud lock newly launched by ksmak gold finger code. It is an original technology that opens with one grip. It is faster and more convenient to open the door in one step. The newly added Intelligent Cloud control function enables us to remotely unlock locks in any corner of the world, and the locks can be dynamically and instantly mastered. In addition, the appearance design is designed by oosh design in Hong Kong, which adopts the design concept of full curved screen, creating a precedent in the fingerprint lock industry

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