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The materials used for decoration will emit some harmful gases, so attention must be paid to opening windows for ventilation during construction. However, in rainy seasons, there is not only no wind, but also low air pressure, humid air, and poor ventilation effect. Therefore, attention should be paid to the air pollution problem of decoration in rainy seasons

the materials used for decoration will emit some harmful gases, so attention must be paid to opening windows for ventilation during construction, but in rainy seasons, there is not only no wind, but also low air pressure The air is humid and the ventilation effect is poor. Therefore, the air pollution problem of decoration in rainy season should be paid more attention

causes of more serious indoor environmental pollution

because the rainy season has the characteristics of humid air and low air pressure, the indoor air in decoration is more likely to cause pollution than in other seasons. Why is this? According to the analysis of experts from the indoor environment testing center of China Interior Decoration Association, there are mainly the following reasons:

first, before the rainy season, the weather is muggy and the humidity increases. At this time, the release of some toxic and harmful gases in the decoration materials will increase. According to the research of Japanese indoor environment experts, when the indoor temperature reaches 30 ℃, the release of indoor toxic and harmful gases is the highest

second, in muggy weather, construction workers will emit more pollutants through respiratory tract, skin, sweat glands, etc. than usual. In addition, in order to protect newly painted or painted doors, windows, walls, ceilings and other places from mosquitoes, insects, flies and other damage, it is also necessary to kill mosquitoes, insects, and sterilization, which will also cause indoor air pollution

third, when decorating in rainy season, some special decoration processes need to be moisture-proof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. For example, when painting furniture and walls, doors and windows need to be closed tightly, which is more likely to cause a large accumulation of indoor pollutants

fourth, the pressure is low in rainy weather. Even if all doors and windows are opened, the normal convection of indoor and outdoor air will be weakened, resulting in poor indoor ventilation, and some toxic and harmful gases released from decoration materials will be difficult to dissipate as soon as possible

indoor air pollution sources

1. Indoor decoration materials

according to the random inspection of the Ministry of health, the Ministry of construction and the environmental protection department, the materials with toxic gas pollution account for 68% at present. These materials include paint, plywood, particleboard, interior wall coating, etc., including indoor “ Invisible killer ”. Common organic vapors include formaldehyde, benzene, etc

2. Pollution of buildings

some buildings use concrete antifreeze in winter construction. When the building is put into use, with the increase of temperature and humidity in summer, another room “ Invisible killer &rdquo& mdash;& mdash; Ammonia is slowly released from the wall, which will seriously cause the ammonia concentration in the indoor environment to exceed the standard and directly endanger human health

3. Pollution caused by indoor furniture

it is understood that air pollution caused by furniture has become the third largest source of pollution after building pollution and decoration pollution

according to experts, the adhesives and plates of furniture contain toxic gases such as formaldehyde. During construction in rainy season, due to poor indoor ventilation, it is difficult to purify the air pollution caused by furniture in time, which will also have an adverse impact on human health

how to solve the problem of indoor environmental pollution in rainy season

for this problem, experts from the indoor environment monitoring center of China Interior Decoration Association put forward the following suggestions:

first, pay attention to the selection of decoration materials. Choose non-toxic and less toxic decorative materials produced by national authoritative departments or famous brands and regular manufacturers

second, it is best to invite a formal home decoration company to construct. When signing the decoration contract, it is necessary to put forward additional terms related to indoor environmental standards, and it is required to provide indoor air quality inspection reports when handing over the work

third, ventilation and air purification of decorated rooms should be done well. If possible, ventilation should be provided as much as possible. If not, indoor ventilation devices and air purification devices that are effective in reducing indoor harmful gases can be selected

IV. pay attention to the labor protection of workers and residents. Especially for painters, they should wear anti-virus equipment as much as possible during construction, and try not to spend the night at the paint site. If there are symptoms such as headache, nausea, asthma, sore throat, etc., don't be careless, and ask a doctor for treatment as soon as possible

v. do a good job in the detection and management of the indoor environment of the decorated room





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