The story of a small town that is true to its natu

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Life is a journey. Sometimes we think it's so long that many people give it up and commit suicide. Sometimes we think it's so short that we can't believe it

life is a journey

sometimes we think it's so long, so long,

so many people give up him and commit suicide

sometimes we think he is very short

so short that we can't believe it.

we are conscious of our own growth

and we are sensitive to our own growth

we have seen a cartoon

the theme of the picture is a clock

lovely children are laughing and running tirelessly around the clock clockwise

the elderly.Step forward Unsmooth steps

move in the counterclockwise direction of the clock

when I was a child, I expected to grow up

when I grew up, I was eager to have a free home

use love as the cornerstone, pour the sand of love

leave a window of hope, put on the ideal mural

sow some seeds, conceive several spring buds

let the sun enter freely, Send me home by the moon

in this rapidly developing city

return home, fade away all fatigue

nest in the sofa, See the four seasons flowing in the space

the best thing in the world is to have a home with you

and the meter of sunshine by the slanting window

this is the best start of life

wake up from your side every morning

have a beautiful night in this quiet night

looking at your sleeping face is my greatest satisfaction

it's good to have you at home

ordinary years, hand in hand with years of warmth

the sea withers and the rocks crumble, maybe the fairy tale will be old

frame dream, and having you next to you is the longest xiaoquxing

daily necessities, hand washing soup

fireworks filled, As time goes by,

taste the stories of those years a little bit

and the familiar taste

open the door is to return home

close the door is struggle

the sky is clear and the clouds are bright

the heart is clear as a sparkling Lake

the clouds are thin and the moon is bright

overlook the city of cars and horses

looking back on the dim lights

home is the most beautiful place.Warm existence





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