Precautions for purchasing range hood 3 strategies

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Which brand of range hood is more suitable for your cooking style; What are the characteristics of different models; How to choose a range hood suitable for your kitchen, and so on, these are all problems. Today, Xiaobian will break it for everyone

strategy 1, conform to the overall style of the kitchen “ Living in the kitchen ” The deep extension of the concept has made more and more consumers regard the kitchen as a home decoration “ Re head ’. As an indispensable part of the kitchen, the range hood has also become a chip to show the owner's taste. In its purchase, it is of primary importance to coordinate with the overall style and color of the home

in line with the kitchen tone, fresh, lively and energetic elements are added on the basis of advocating nature and environmental protection. The kitchen naturally has different tones of depth. The kitchen with light tone is generally equipped with a white range hood, and the kitchen with dark tone is suitable with a white, gray or black gray range hood

the shape design is simple. At present, in the domestic range hood market, most of the major brands are deep range hoods, and the color and appearance design are simple and fashionable. In the transformation of the market consumption trend of the range hood industry, the European type range hood will gradually have more market share with its strong basic function of exhausting range hood and beautiful appearance. At present, the appearance of range hood is no longer just glass tower, stainless steel rectangle, stainless steel tower and so on. Some professional manufacturing enterprises design fashionable range hoods with overall shape according to different users. Such as the boss' latest “ Shangpin &rdquo& ldquo; Simple ” The range hood adopts the post-modern simple design style, and the lines are formed at one go, simple and bright

for the whole kitchen, buy the whole cabinet, including the range hood and other equipment. At present, professional kitchen and bathroom manufacturers have many supporting overall kitchen products, but for modern consumers who pursue personality, the range of choices is still not rich enough




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