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Caterpillar: the era of intelligent machines will change our work in this way

caterpillar: the era of intelligent machines will change our work in this way

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a large bulldozer is operating with full firepower, but its cab is empty. The driver of the excavator with "flying" bucket at one side is also the driver of Jinan Shijin full-automatic pressure testing machine There is no place to find a microcomputer for data processing and analysis. The same driverless truck also drove away from the scene after it was filled with earth... Although it was driverless, their moves were quite accurate

in fact, these devices also have "drivers", but they are operated remotely by computers in a safe area away from the construction site, which is safe and can avoid errors caused by human operation

Caterpillar machinery and equipment operated remotely by computer

don't be surprised. Welcome to the era of intelligent machines

this is just a very common scene in the era of intelligent machines to master key technologies. Just as we are used to using or pad to control TV, refrigerator and air conditioner, we can also remotely control large equipment to complete construction operations - they have the ability of "dialogue" through innovative technologies, and are more intelligent and efficient. Does it sound cool

Caterpillar machinery and equipment

in this era when machines show wisdom, the whole machine and parts, and mechanical equipment communicate and share data in a specific way. Interconnection makes engineering operations more safe, efficient, accurate and convenient

as an innovative leader in the global industry, Caterpillar's intelligent technology solutions can help solve the problems customers face at the construction site, greatly improve the operation efficiency of the entire fleet, and thus improve the return on investment of construction enterprises by using cutting-edge technologies such as data link, slope control, compaction control, and further improving the double high product rate, product quality and performance payload

caterpillar mechanical equipment

as early as 2007, many caterpillar products began to be equipped with the standard cat product link ™), By collecting the key performance and operating status data of the machine, the network is used to provide relevant personnel with guidance for decision-making

in the past decade, we have integrated digital technology and connectivity to ™) It has been extended to the cat connect technology, which can help realize the interconnection of the whole fleet, and has achieved a significant growth in applications. At present, about 500000 of the approximately 3million cat machines and engines put into use in the world have been interconnected

caterpillar experience center in the age of intelligent machines

whether in China or other parts of the world, Caterpillar's intelligent technology solutions have been effective in helping our customers optimize their operations

in Fujian, China, Sanming Haicheng construction company adopted caterpillar excavator equipped with slope control technology, which reduced the time of national highway subgrade works they undertook by 70%-80%, and saved more than 1000 yuan of fuel cost per day. In North America on the other side of the ocean, customers have improved their production efficiency and fuel efficiency by 40% and 16% respectively through telematics and payload systems, with a comprehensive return on investment of more than 65%

caterpillar mechanical equipment

with the increasing development of IOT and big data technology, caterpillar is leading construction machinery into the era of intelligent machines. Intelligent machines and corresponding intelligent solutions transform information and data into asset management efficiency and production efficiency, and bring higher security and green development. At the same time, they will also have a broad and far-reaching impact on the entire construction industry and industrial system

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