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Caterpillar appears at the 2016 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

Carter promotes the construction of Lunan high tech chemical park and the chemical new material technology innovation and industrialization base of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

caterpillar appears at the 2016 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference

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caterpillar recently appeared at the 2016 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference to demonstrate the impact of interconnection, automation, big data and other technologies on the productivity improvement and And shared the digital technology strategy of "intelligent machine era" to promote the industry to enter the era of intelligent construction

Mr. chenqihua, global vice president of caterpillar and chairman of caterpillar (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said that, "As a leader in industrial innovation, caterpillar is committed to bringing innovative ideas, technologies and practices to the industrial value chain, so as to promote the development of the industry. In recent years, while using virtual reality technology for equipment R & D and design, we are also constantly integrating, developing and utilizing innovative new technologies such as big data, intelligent sensors, intelligent analysis, remote control and automatic driving. Caterpillar believes in these innovations Xinhe practice will open the mode of intelligent construction in the infrastructure construction industry. The era of intelligent machines has come! "

many visitors have come to Caterpillar exhibition area

caterpillar's booth in hall 4 has brought an interactive experience of the "era of intelligent machines" to the visitors. Some highlights are as follows:

intelligent machine era: Caterpillar's intelligent technology will bring intelligent construction mode to the infrastructure construction industry. Visitors can touch and click the screen to understand how the future more automated, intelligent and unmanned intelligent construction scheme can make the construction process more efficient, safer and more environmentally friendly through 3D animation and case data

virtual reality technology: the on-site virtual reality equipment can digitally simulate caterpillar's product and plant design model in a ratio of 1:1, which is related to the rigidity of the sample, so that engineers can personally do virtual verification on the appearance, interior decoration and coordination of various parts of the machine, or verify and optimize the layout and manufacturing process of the factory. Virtual reality technology has been fully applied to Caterpillar's design and R & D, which not only greatly improves the R & D efficiency, but also our products adopt a computer-aided level adjustment system, which shortens the product development cycle and improves the product quality

intelligent remanufacture upgrading: made in China 2025 proposes to vigorously develop remanufacture industry and implement high-end remanufacture and intelligent remanufacture. As one of the first multinational companies to introduce remanufacture into China, caterpillar has been working with industrial partners to promote the development of remanufacture in China over the past decade. In June this year, caterpillar and Lingang group were selected into the "China US Green Partnership Program" to jointly promote the upgrading demonstration of intelligent remanufacture

visitors experience the "intelligent machine age"

2016 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held at Nanjing International Expo Center from December 6 to 8. This is a grand meeting for large-scale and international exchange and discussion in the field of global intelligent manufacturing. The theme of this conference is "making manufacturing smarter" measured by viscometer when necessary. In the form of "Theme Conference + experiential Exhibition", the invited guests and exhibitors are mainly from internationally renowned research institutions, the world's top 500 and leading enterprises in the field of intelligent manufacturing. They focus on the development direction of the world's intelligent manufacturing, analyze the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, and discuss various practical application fields of the manufacturing industry

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