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Caterpillar won the "Project Hope outstanding contribution award"

caterpillar won the "Project Hope outstanding contribution award"

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caterpillar was recently awarded the "Project Hope 25th anniversary outstanding contribution award" by the China Youth Development Foundation, In recognition of the outstanding contribution of the "Project Hope library" project participated by caterpillar foundation to improving the reading environment of primary schools in poor areas and primary schools for migrant children

since 2012, caterpillar foundation has participated in the "hope project library" project of China Youth Development Foundation, helping primary schools in poor areas in Western China and migrant children's primary schools in eastern China to set up or improve libraries, providing better reading environment for rural and migrant children and cultivating reading habits. So far, about 90000 books have been provided to nearly 90 primary schools, and "happy reading" activities have been carried out in some schools with more price advantages. Aluminum based lead alloy composites have been prepared by extrusion and drawing composite technology, and financial aid has been provided to some poor students

project hope began in 1989. It mainly supports the implementation of a series of policies. The development of education in poor rural areas in China is spotted and rusted. Over the past 25 years, it has raised a total of 10.072 billion yuan in donations, supported 4.95 million students from rural families with financial difficulties to continue their studies, and supported the construction of 18396 hope primary schools

in addition to supporting the "Project Hope library", the educational projects supported by caterpillar and the caterpillar foundation also include the new citizen micro Teacher Action Fund Project for teachers in private migrant children's schools across the country, which supports teachers to freely carry out education and teaching practices, and the rural education action plan of "protecting vision and improving performance" which supports the Centennial vocational school to provide free electrical maintenance vocational education for migrant children, And rural kindergartens, children's safety education, etc

caterpillar is committed to becoming a recognized, dedicated and contributing corporate citizen, focusing on the environmental and educational challenges brought about by urbanization, and is committed to meeting the basic needs of human life, especially women and girls from rural and migrant workers' families

about caterpillar foundation

caterpillar strongly supports the charitable activities of caterpillar foundation. The caterpillar foundation was established in 1952. To date, the caterpillar foundation has donated US $550million globally to promote sustainable development. These projects cover environmental sustainability, education, sustainable livelihood support and disaster relief

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