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Caterpillar CEO: benefiting from China's reform and optimistic about future opportunities

caterpillar CEO: benefiting from China's reform and optimistic about future opportunities

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"despite the recent slowdown in China's economic growth, China's market potential is still huge. I am optimistic about China's future market opportunities." Doug oberharman, chairman and CEO of caterpillar, made the above remarks when attending the 2014 APEC Business Leaders' summit in Beijing

oberharman said that although China's current economic growth rate of about 7.5% is lower than the past double-digit rate, it still ranks among the top in the world, more than twice the growth rate of the United States. No country can maintain double-digit economic growth all the time. China's economic growth should not only focus on speed, but also on quality. China's economic growth model is shifting to more consumption driven, which is expected to maintain a slower but more sustainable growth trend. Caterpillar applauds and will continue to support China's efforts to comprehensively deepen reform

"China's sustained economic growth is a miracle. A strong government is determined to reform and lead the people out of poverty. China is an encouraging model. Caterpillar's development in China also benefits from the opportunities created by the reform. Only continuous reform can create growth momentum for both countries and companies." He said

<"Since we must continue to improve the energy performance of buildings p> oberharman said that the current market capacity in China is not comparable to that of caterpillar when it first entered the Chinese market in the mid-1970s. Over the years, China has created huge market opportunities. Compared with a few decades ago, China's business environment is better. Both countries and enterprises should have a long-term vision. Caterpillar is not in China for the future of one or ten years Increase investment, but invest for market opportunities in the coming decades

this global construction machinery giant has traveled all over China. At present, caterpillar has nearly 30 manufacturing plants, 4 R & D centers, 3 logistics and parts centers in China, with about 16000 employees

oberharman also said that over the past 25 years, the Asia Pacific region has grown into the most economically dynamic region in the world. This rapid development has also made China the second largest economy in the world and one of the largest export markets for caterpillar products manufactured in the United States. Does the card relaxation tester have an intelligent control system? Caterpillar supports policies that can promote global competition and help create a free trade and investment environment

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