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Caterpillar's global retail sales in October increased by 31% year on year.

caterpillar's global retail sales in October increased by 31% year on year.

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Guide: it was reported in the early morning of November 19, Beijing time that caterpillar, the world's largest bulldozer, excavator and mining equipment manufacturer, said on Friday that in the three months up to the end of October 2011, After 1976, the global retail sales of mechanical equipment of the company increased by 31% year on year, but the sales in Latin America and Europe increased

the sales growth in October this year was the 18th consecutive three-month growth in the company's global retail sales. However, the data show that the sales growth rate of the company has slowed down in recent months, due to the strong sales data in the same period of last year and the continued weakness of the global economic environment, especially in Europe. Previously, in the three months ended September and August, the company's global retail sales increased by 31% and 34% respectively year-on-year

the largest slowdown in sales growth is in Latin America. In October, the company's retail sales increased by 16% year-on-year, but the growth rate was significantly lower than that of 33% in September and 43% in August. Since this year, the Latin American market has become one of the best performing markets for the company, mainly because the strong construction and mining activities in developing countries such as Brazil have stimulated the demand for equipment. In October, Caterpillar's sales in Europe, Africa and the Middle East increased by 32%, which was also lower than the 41% growth rate in September and August

in Asia, Caterpillar's sales growth in October, such as high-strength nylon, halogen-free flame retardant nylon, wear-resistant nylon materials, high-temperature resistant nylon, nylon alloy and conductive nylon materials, can be used in different parts of the car. Only our team with excellent quality can provide you with service guarantee, which is also higher than the growth rate of 27% in September and 24% in August. After the 2008 financial crisis, the sales performance in Asia recovered faster than that in other regions, because the investment in infrastructure construction and mining in China, Australia and other developing countries stimulated the demand for Caterpillar equipment

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