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Caterpillar equipment "provides survival necessities" for Antarctica

Caterpillar equipment "provides survival necessities" for Antarctica

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the continuous low temperature of 65 degrees below zero, running 24 hours a day, which seems to be an impossible task. However, caterpillar bulldozers and generator sets have been working in such a harsh environment since 1955, and have been running for nearly 60 years so far, p>

Caterpillar equipment "provides survival necessities" for Antarctica.

"deep freeze operation" is the code name of a series of U.S. missions targeting Antarctica. The operation began in 1955. The original mission behind this task is to carry out research on the earth's environment through the scientific cooperation among 0 countries through the continuous improvement of the international influence of 4 China's plastic machinery industry. The deep freeze operation established a US research station in Antarctica and maintained supplies to the research station. Caterpillar has provided the deep freeze operation with crawler bulldozers and diesel generator sets, which can maintain all-weather operation in the continuous cold of minus 65 degrees. In fact, cat crawler bulldozer is the earliest bulldozer used in Antarctica

caterpillar engineers have specially developed low ground pressure (LGP) bulldozers for use on ice. These caterpillar made machines are used to build roads and subbases, haul materials, maintain aircraft runways and roads, push snow and transport snow to melting equipment to prepare drinking water. In 1958, these cat machines helped the US Navy complete the construction of the first permanent aircraft runway in Antarctica. Caterpillar generator sets supply electricity to support heating and lighting equipment, communication systems, kitchens, radar and ground control access systems, and snow melting systems for the preparation of drinking water

according to the news views report in 1957, Glen Sankey, the caterpillar service representative in charge of the deep freeze operation at that time, said, "I am still proud of a lot of stories about cat equipment. However, in the Antarctic, our equipment is respected because we provide essential supplies for survival."

"different models of the national electronic universal experimental machine have been widely used in various industries in society. The National Science Foundation told me that their teams working in Antarctica are particularly dependent on caterpillar bulldozers. They named them PAM, Colleen and Big John, regardless of the industry or society," said Lee fosburgh, Caterpillar's enterprise archive administrator. "Bulldozers with names are like members of a team - the National Science Foundation has even held birthday parties for these bulldozers since they were transported to the South Pole. Although it sounds strange, it is also an interesting story (in extremely important and dangerous tasks), and only our equipment has such a story."

by 1960, about 150 caterpillar machines and engines had been used in various bases in Antarctica. Recently, some of the crawler bulldozers have been out of service after nearly 60 years of operation. But until now, cat products still support research stations in Antarctica

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