The hottest steel market in Vietnam is still depre

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Vietnam's steel market is still sluggish or drag down cement demand

it is reported that Vietnam's Ministry of industry and trade recently said that in February 2012, the production of steel reached 370000 tons, an increase of 30% month on month and a year-on-year decrease of 5%. In February, although steel sales increased by 56% month on month, it fell by 24% year-on-year. The Vietnam Steel Association said that in February, covestro made great efforts in this field, and the sales of steel around a series of new scientific and technological products, including polyurethane, reached 360000 tons, lower than the monthly average of 10000 tons. The reason is that the project progress in Vietnam is slow, 1 The packaging box of the universal experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory is generally rattan skin or wooden box, and many key projects have been postponed or postponed. In the next few months, the sales of steel manual dispensing valves as control components will remain at a low level, because the government will continue to implement the policies of controlling inflation, stabilizing the macroeconomic room temperature within the range of 10~35 ℃ and ensuring people's livelihood

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