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The iron and steel industry should start with improving quality to prevent overcapacity. The latest data shows that the profit of China's iron and steel industry increased by more than 70% in the first three quarters of this year. At the 2018 (7th) China Steel Technology and economy high-end forum held recently, Li Xinchuang, President of the metallurgical industry planning and Research Institute, said that the profit level of the steel industry has rebounded, but the pressure to reduce production capacity is still not small. We need to be alert to the tendency to expand production capacity, and we must establish a long-term mechanism to prevent excess

according to the statistical data recently released by China Iron and Steel Industry Association, the economic benefits of iron and steel enterprises have continued to improve this year. From January to September, the sales revenue of member steel enterprises reached 3.06 trillion yuan, which can be classified according to different methods, with a year-on-year increase of 14.47%. At the end of September, the current asset liability ratio of member steel enterprises was 66.11%, a year-on-year decrease of 3.91 percentage points. However, statistics also show that, driven by high profits, pig iron, crude steel and steel production increased to varying degrees in the first three quarters

Li Xinchuang pointed out that the recovery of the iron and steel industry is mainly due to the structural supply upgrading forced by reducing production capacity and environmental protection. If you are complacent, do not use the current good momentum to adjust the structure of the iron and steel industry, and consolidate the achievements in time, the iron and steel industry is likely to fall into trouble again, and it will be more difficult to readjust in the future

the experts attending the meeting generally believed that there was still a gap between China's steel industry and building a real steel power. Compared with the requirements of high-quality development, there were still some problems that could not be ignored in the industry

according to the development trend and policy requirements, Li Xinchuang believes that the quality of steel products should be continuously improved to meet the needs of the downstream steel industry to improve quality, standards and upgrading. Iron and steel enterprises should grasp the development direction of future iron and steel industry processes, technologies and products through scientific and technological innovation; Adopt advanced technology and equipment to effectively improve production efficiency and product quality

in terms of product upgrading, Li Xinchuang said that the proportion of high-quality, high-tech and high value-added products should be increased, such as automobile plates, silicon steel, bearing steel, gear steel, marine engineering steel, nuclear power steel and other key high-end products. Grasp the future development direction of iron and steel industry process, technology and products through scientific and technological innovation; By adopting advanced technology and equipment and effectively improving production, the repeatability of this pendulum impact testing machine can meet the application requirements, efficiency and product quality

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