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It is reported that the ISO international standard "mechanical sampling of hard coal and coke" revised by the national coal quality supervision and inspection center in conjunction with Kaiyuan instrument as a foot switch and other working group members has been officially released and implemented on July 1st, 2016

the implementation of this standard shows that the innovative technology developed by the company has been fully affirmed by international experts, leading the development of the global coal industry. 2. The principle of traditional power line zigzag testing machine. The principle of traditional power line zigzag testing machine sampling industry. At the same time, it has laid a solid foundation for the company to explore the international market and break through the technical barriers to trade

the national coal quality supervision and Inspection Center (Coal Analysis Laboratory of the General Academy of Coal Sciences) is the domestic technical counterpart of the solid mineral fuel Technical Committee of the international organization for Standardization (iso/tc27). This is the first time that the company has participated in the international standardization work together with the national coal quality supervision and inspection center. The standard has been applied for approval since 2011, and then released and published on July 1st, 2016. It took five years. The company's scientific researchers and ISO experts from the national coal quality supervision and inspection center attended the standard review meeting held by the isotc27 sampling and preparation branch (SC4) in South Africa, the United States and other countries on behalf of China. In the process of standard drafting and review, in a series of work procedures, Based on this comparison method, we make use of the technical characteristics and advantages of the hollow claw sampler developed by our company, negotiate with the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, the Netherlands and other iso/tc27 member countries if the load is the same, and finally include the hollow claw static coal mechanized sampling device developed by our company in the ISO standard through a large number of sufficient data analysis conclusions and practical case analysis

the global release and implementation of this international standard will provide a global legal basis for the technical standards of the products produced by the company to be sold overseas

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