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Topsolid brings new experience in mold design

recently, I used topsolid's mold design module topmold to design an injection mold. In this design, I deeply realized that topmold's design of injection mold, especially the design of side core pulling mechanism, has quite sound functions and standard parts library, which makes it convenient and fast to design injection mold with a wide range of parts

now I take the mold design process of the shape of the GPS satellite inspection instrument developed by the Ministry of Railways as an example to introduce the outstanding function of topmold in mold design, mainly in the design of side core pulling mechanism

as we all know, the first step in the design of injection mold is to divide the mold, that is, to form the core and cavity. Topmo polyurethane insulation material enterprises and preparation equipment enterprises account for half of the country. LD provides a method to quickly generate parting lines. As long as I click the function of creating parting lines, the system will immediately calculate and quickly extract all possible parting lines on the parts. I just need to click and pick the appropriate one with the mouse. As shown in the figure

topmold provides a variety of ways to create parting surfaces, as shown in the following figure. Designers can choose different creation methods according to the situation of the parting line

after creating the parting surface, just click the create core/cavity block function, and the system can automatically create the upper and lower molds, as shown in the following figure

there is a charger jack and a headphone jack at the bottom of the patrol inspection instrument, as shown in the left figure below. For this part, the side core pulling mechanism is needed to realize this side hole feature. Hide other components except the cavity. First, sew the faces of the two side holes, and then use the plug-in | new plug-in function to create a side hole insert. Just click to select the two side hole surfaces of the insert to be established, and then click to select the stretching direction of the insert, and the system can automatically generate two side core pulling inserts. As shown on the right

in this process, you can create the insert with just a few clicks according to the prompt, which is very easy

next, we need to design several mechanisms, such as sliding block, guide rail, locking wedge and inclined guide post. Topmold also has a simple and fast method for designing these components. Click the slider function, select the two high-temperature hot gases that need to create the slider and rush out of the box for 10 minutes. Click the standard slider option, and the dialog box pops up as shown in the figure:

topmold provides the side core pulling slider standard parts that can be freely set. Just click the size to be modified in the "parameter" column, and then "Customize" the slider of the size I need, which is convenient and accurate. Then add a guide rail mechanism to guide the movement of the slider. Similarly, topsolid also provides the standard parts of the guide rail. Click the guide rail function, select the slider to create the guide rail, and click "standard guiding strip" to pop up the standard parts of the guide rail. You can also modify the size. The phenomenon of cutting force, shaft delamination and uncut fiber yarn burr is scientifically predicted, but the conduit we usually use is far from perfect. Among them, the guide rail has L-type and simple type to choose from. Here I choose simple type. As shown below. In addition to selecting in the content library, you can also define the shape of the guide rail by creating a profile

next, one of the most outstanding functions of topmold will be displayed! Show the hidden mold base, click the program function, select the slider as the processing program, and stretch the slider outside the template, as shown on the left of the following figure. At this time, the system automatically cuts the template, cuts out the moving position of the slider, and automatically leaves the clearance required for matching, as shown on the right side of the figure below

continue to select the guide rail as the processing program, and "process" the position where the slide rail is placed on the template. The automatic machining function of topsolid system is also reflected in calling other standard parts, such as calling screws, the system will automatically drill, tap and other operations on the parts placed by the screws, without the need for designers to manually carry out these operations. Thus, it changes the defect that the traditional CAD system must shape all the fit gaps and shapes first, and realizes the transmission design of all relevant constraints of the system at the same time

for the function of inclined guide post, topmold also provides a sound standard parts library for designers to choose. First select the function of the inclined guide post, and then click the surface where the inclined guide post is to be placed - the top surface of the slider and the surface of the positioning component - the top surface of the upper mold base. At this time, the dialog box of standard parts of inclined guide column pops up, and you can also change the size parameters. After positioning the inclined guide post, if the parameters of the inclined guide post conflict with the pumping stroke, the system will prompt with a red size. The system will also automatically calculate the most suitable size of the inclined guide column to meet the lateral pumping stroke. In the dialog box shown below, I just need to click the three parameter change buttons in the middle of the dialog box to change the size of the inclined guide column to the best scheme. This not only saves the calculation process of designers, reduces the workload, but also avoids interference and collision. Topsolid's humanized design idea is really valuable in CAD software

for the inclined guide post with displacement in both transverse and longitudinal directions, its processing procedure should not only cut out its current position on the mold base, but also consider the situation when its displacement is maximum. Therefore, topsolid system provides a "slant guide post processing program" especially for slant guide posts, which is used to process elliptical grooves or rectangular grooves for parts placing slant guide posts. Select the contact surface between the lower mold base and the inclined guide column, and select the elliptical groove. It can be seen that the system has automatically provided the reference parameters and clearance, as shown in the following figure:

click OK after modification. At this time, it can be found that an elliptical groove has been opened under the inclined guide column in the lower mold base, and the gap and size are very appropriate. As shown on the right

to prevent the slider from moving outward, a locking wedge needs to be placed outside the slider. Topsolid system also provides the standard part library of the tightening wedge, and it is easy to get a locking wedge matching the slider by selecting the slider that needs to place the tightening wedge and positioning it, and selecting the appropriate shape and size parameters in the popped standard part library. Select the function program and take the locking wedge as the processing program, then the upper and lower mold bases and sliders will be automatically cut accordingly, as shown in the following figure. The side core pulling mechanism is designed

the outstanding design functions of topmold in parting and side core pulling mechanism introduced above are only the tip of the iceberg for topsolid. More superior design and manufacturing functions of topsolid will be shown one by one in future introductions

this article was published in the 6th issue (end) of mold industry in 2004

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