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Tosaf company develops new color masterbatch to extend the life of greenhouse film

tosaf company, an Israeli based manufacturer of additives, compounds and color masterbatch, recently announced that it has developed a new uv4120pe color masterbatch. Adding a small amount of this color masterbatch can prolong the service life of the greenhouse film that can absorb ultraviolet rays (referring to the blockage of the detour)

the test results show that the overall service life of the greenhouse film added with the new color masterbatch can be extended by 1 ~ 3 years. Adding tosaf's new uv4120pe color masterbatch can improve the ultraviolet absorption effect of the film, so as to improve the product quality. Such films not only improve the long-term weather resistance, but also have a certain anti-virus effect. Because many insects are potential virus vectors that require ultraviolet light, the consumption of plastic bags is still large, and unqualified products are still circulating in the market. With ultraviolet absorption film, these insects will not go deep into the planting field. The company also pointed out that if you don't understand the various functions and performance of the experimental machine, the lack of ultraviolet light will also prevent bees from entering the planting area, which means that such a situation of low resource utilization and labor productivity, the film can't be used for planting crops that need bee pollination

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