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Seizing the development opportunity of new infrastructure, Tianzheng Electric is deeply engaged in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances

in recent years, smart electricity, 5g new infrastructure, new energy and other fields have flourished, providing a huge market space for the development of low-voltage electrical appliances industry. Zhejiang Tianzheng Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianzheng electric), which is deeply engaged in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances, has always attached importance to independent research and development, brand building and product quality. The company is seizing the development opportunities of the industry and striving to build an internationally competitive electrical manufacturer

public information shows that Tianzheng electric provides low-voltage electrical products for power, telecommunications, machinery manufacturing, industrial and civil construction and other industries, has accumulated a good reputation in the industry and established a stable customer base; At present, the company has established a relatively complete product line, and has strong strength in the industry in terms of channel and marketing model innovation, technological product transformation and upgrading, lean production, quality management, information construction, etc

it is understood that low-voltage electrical appliances are basic products widely used in various industries of the national economy, which are closely related to the macro-economic development (with the maturity of Technology): experimental control data and sample conditions can be made into modules. With the steady development of macro-economy, the investment in fixed assets continues to grow, and the industrial GDP and power consumption will also increase steadily, bringing sustained business opportunities for the development of low-voltage electrical appliances industry. The company believes that in the future, there will be continuous investment in smart electricity, clean energy, new energy vehicle charging infrastructure, agricultural construction and 5g construction, which will play a better role in driving the low-voltage electrical appliance industry

The acceleration of 5g construction has created a large demand for low-voltage electrical products. According to the report "economic contribution of 5g industry" released by the China Academy of information and communications, it is estimated that the total investment in China's 5g network will be billion yuan in, and the cumulative 5g business income of telecom enterprises will reach 1.9 trillion yuan in the same period. At present, the three major operators are also actively deploying 5g services, and the construction of 5g base stations nationwide is accelerating. Combined with the national deployment and the active layout of various operators, the 5g field will generate considerable demand for low-voltage electrical appliances in the next three to five years

it is understood that Tianzheng Electric is engaged in the R & D, production and sales of low-voltage electrical products such as power distribution appliances, control appliances, final rapid prototyping thermosetting automotive composites: characteristic end appliances, power supply appliances, instrument appliances and so on, which are balanced for mass production. The main products include te series high-end products of Tiane Electric brand, TG boutique series of Tianzheng Electric brand and Xiangyun general product series

Tianzheng Electric said: in the future, the company will grasp the overall development trend of the industry, pay attention to technology accumulation and innovation, establish a development strategy guided by customer experience, driven by focused innovation and assisted by lean operation, adhere to the characteristics of lean production, make efforts in the field of intelligent power distribution, and strive to become an internationally competitive electrical manufacturer

some people in relevant industries said that the intelligent power distribution system based on IOT and cloud computing can improve the breadth and depth of information perception in an all-round way. 4. Some thoughts and depth can improve the ability of fault analysis, early warning, self-healing and disaster prevention in power distribution, and improve the level of safe operation of electricity. In the field of intelligent power distribution, there will be considerable demand for low-voltage electrical appliances in the future

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