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Toshiba extended Ethernet bridge IC product series is used in the automotive and industrial fields

[global synthesis report] according to Japanese media on January 21, Toshiba electronic components and Storage Devices Co., Ltd. (Toshiba for short) expanded its automotive Ethernet bridge IC product line and launched the installation and commissioning of a new TC static steel tester 9562 series tc9562axbg. The samples will be delivered in February and mass production will begin in October

Ethernet AVB provides real-time and reliable data transmission, which is more used in vehicles. Toshiba currently provides tc9560 series Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000mbps) solutions that comply with IEEE 802.1as and IEEE 802.1qav. At present, more and more vehicles use on-board systems and equipment to share information with external systems and services. More importantly, low delay communication is essential for advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and auto drive system. Therefore, it is particularly important to develop a more precise automotive communication system to support real-time data transmission. The Ethernet TSN standard is specially developed to meet these requirements

compared with Toshiba's current integrated circuit tc9560 series, tc9562 series provides more interfaces; Tc9562 series supports Ethernet TSN and Ethernet AVB; Provide simpler IC configuration than current products. Toshiba's new product line meets market demand by supporting current AVB and new TSN network standards. Tc9562axbg supports sgmii extension interface and rgmii, RMII and MII interfaces. Tc9562bxbg supports Ethernet TSN standards IEEE 802.1qbv, IEEE 802.1qbu and IEEE 802.3br, and has tc9562axbg function at the same time. How should Toshiba deal with environmental protection? At present, the manual fixture is different, but Stanford's material has a second-class and revolutionary cooling mechanism: it allows the heat emitted by the body to be dissipated by infrared rays through the plastic fabric, which provides a low-power mode for the 0.5MW power consumption and 100ms recovery time of the c9562 series

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