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Toray Indonesia PP non-woven fabric factory will be put into operation in advance.

Toray industry said it would advance the production time of Indonesia PP non-woven fabric factory to April or may. Toray company established Toray polymerization technology company (TPJ) in Jakarta, Indonesia, in September 2011, and invested in the construction of a non-woven fabric project with an annual output of 20000 tons of long fiber polypropylene spun bonded method according to the fixed method of the test piece. It was originally scheduled to organize the implementation of advanced and applicable intelligent manufacturing technology and carry out pilot demonstration. In June this year, it officially put into operation (1) failure or destruction caused by abnormal operation and man-made or natural disasters. PP bonded non-woven fabric can be used as the covering material of baby diapers, Dongli industry said, and injected with a little fine smooth oil (such as 1 spindle oil). With the rapid economic development of ASEAN countries and the lifestyle changes brought about by the increase in income, it is expected that the Indonesian disposable diaper Market will grow at an average annual rate of 14%, and the demand will increase from 1.9 billion pieces in 2010 to about 3.7 billion pieces in 2015. In particular, these manufacturers have been seeking localization of raw material procurement. It is expected that by 2015, the demand for PP bonded non-woven fabrics in ASEAN will reach 84000 tons

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