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The focus topic of the two sessions: enterprise transformation becomes the key to the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

during the two sessions, accelerating enterprise transformation and manufacturing industry upgrading became a hot topic among the delegates. In recent years, China's manufacturing industry has made great progress, and its scale ranks first in the world. However, with the acceleration of development and the intensification of international competition, many enterprises still use the traditional production and management mode, and are gradually pushing themselves into the abyss

the transformation of China's manufacturing industry is urgent

some people describe China's manufacturing industry as three weak: weak enterprises, weak technology and weak products

although China's manufacturing industry has made great progress and development, and there are many products with the highest output in the world, we should also see that China's manufacturing industry is still large but not strong, with low labor productivity and industrial added value, excess low-level production capacity, insufficient high-level production capacity, relatively weak technological innovation capacity, and low product technology content and added value. At the same time, The structure of China's manufacturing industry is not reasonable, the equipment manufacturing and alignment center industry is weak, the scale of manufacturing enterprises is generally small, can not form a scale effect, and products lack international competitiveness

an indisputable fact of China's manufacturing industry has been put in front of us. China's manufacturing industry will encounter an inflection point in the future development, either take the road of industrial upgrading, extend to the high-end of the manufacturing supply chain and value chain, or be replaced by regions and countries with lower costs

Wang Jinfu, a deputy to the National People's Congress, said in an interview that China's manufacturing industry has reached an important juncture, and high-end transformation and industrial upgrading are urgent

the key to enterprise transformation is to improve scientific and technological strength

there is no sunset industry, only sunset enterprises. Another NPC deputy said

return in 2012, a large number of Chinese manufacturing enterprises were in trouble and on the verge of bankruptcy. Wenzhou is a city that relies on manufacturing and export industries and unconventional underground finance. Last year, 60% of manufacturing enterprises were facing bankruptcy crisis. This triggered a general panic among manufacturing enterprises, and they began to think about enterprise transformation

Chen Lifen, a deputy to the National People's Congress, said that the active component of enterprise transformation and upgrading is greater than external pressure. When the enterprise develops to a certain extent, it will consider how to continue to move forward and become a local influential enterprise. Technological innovation and transformation and upgrading are largely due to the needs of enterprises' own development

whether it is external pressure or the needs of enterprises' own development, enterprise transformation has become an important link to promote the development of China's manufacturing industry

with the rising labor costs, the method of enterprises relying on cheap labor to increase the value of products has become unworkable, and even gradually become a stumbling block to the development of enterprises. Therefore, improving the scientific and technological strength of manufacturing enterprises and realizing the automation and intelligence of manufacturing production process have become the new direction of enterprise transformation

After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the widely influential view held that the transformation of domestic enterprises can mainly be achieved by adjusting the structure, developing the tertiary industry and relying on scientific and technological progress. In addition, economist Lang Xianping also called the smart industry the fourth industry. The development of these methods has become the main method for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

among these ways, a new service mode is outstanding. We can call it high-tech service industry. This industry has a large span and a wide range of services, and mainly serves the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. The benefits of transformation and upgrading through this mode are: it can replace the previous status quo of high energy consumption, high pollution and the use of cheap labor, so as to improve productivity and production quality, ensure the employment of college students and the training mechanism of ordinary talents, and avoid a series of social problems such as labor shortage

as for how to use high technology to serve the manufacturing industry, for specific production and testing links, many enterprises began to explore and embark on the road of transformation, and began to adopt intelligent and automated equipment to replace the traditional production methods

taking the detection link in the manufacturing industry as an example, the traditional manual detection mode, with high detection efficiency, high error rate and high labor cost, has gradually become a burden for enterprise development. Some enterprises began to look for automated testing equipment to replace the backward manual testing methods

customized testing has become a typical representative of the technical service industry

with the increasing demand for automated testing equipment by the majority of manufacturing enterprises, a number of excellent enterprises that independently develop automated testing equipment have begun to emerge in China. Beijing lingbang Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the representatives. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, mainly engaged in the research and development of automated testing equipment. It has received strong support from the government and has repeatedly received the support of the innovation fund of the Ministry of science and technology

lingbang instrument advocates customized testing, starting with the development of military product testing equipment. In terms of military products detection, lingbang instrument has developed hundreds of customized equipment in guided weapons, intelligent ammunition, explosion impact, range test, aerodynamic simulation, pyrotechnic products detection, etc., and then made it a basic platform for research materials, with a number of national invention patents. In addition, lingbang instruments has also actively explored the civil products market and made breakthroughs in neodymium iron boron parts, auto parts, photovoltaic, railway, cutting tools, bars and other industries

lingbang instrument is a typical technical service-oriented enterprise. The company advocates the combination of technological innovation and demand innovation, provides users with a complete set of solutions from consulting services to research and development, which is enough to see the extensive services used by pressure testing machines, and helps customers complete a complete set of turnkey projects from demand investigation to product delivery, which has become an important factor in the performance of safety belts. At the same time, it also provides the direction of upgrading and transformation for the production testing of the manufacturing industry

at the 18th CPC National Congress and the ongoing two sessions, the technology service industry has become a hot topic about China's manufacturing industry. To realize the upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, manufacturing enterprises need to actively accelerate the transformation, keep pace with the times, and meet the era of opportunities and challenges

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