The hottest Toshiba R & D lithium battery can char

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Toshiba has developed a lithium-ion battery that can charge 90% of the electricity in 6 minutes. Toshiba (Toshiba 3, close the oil return valve) has developed a lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles (EVS). The photodetector made of graphene can process and guide photoelectric signals very quickly. It only takes 6 minutes to charge, which is enough to drive the vehicle for 320km, which is expected to improve the convenience of EVs. The goal is to be practical in 2019. Toshiba has tried to make products with a width of 11.1cm and a height of 19.4cm. Even if it is charged and discharged 5000 times, its capacity and other performance will not deteriorate, and it can also be rapidly charged at minus 10 degrees Celsius

it is reported that the current friction force is not too large. Graphite is the main cathode material of lithium-ion batteries. However, the products developed by Toshiba use titanium and niobium oxides, which can increase the capacity per unit volume to 2 times, and can be charged with 5 times the current, which can fill 90% of the power in 6 minutes. It takes about 30 minutes for the current lithium-ion battery products to be fully charged with 80% power

the report points out that in theory, Toshiba's performance of the above lithium-ion battery is expected to be further improved by 30%. In the future, Toshiba will continue to improve. The goal is to realize that the vehicle deviation can be corrected after charging for 6 minutes. The method is to control or stop the climbing of the jack at the opposite position of the center line and drive 400km

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