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Topso tremp methanation process was reaffirmed

Beijing, May 12, 2014 -- topso recently won two contracts for converting coke oven gas to natural gas (SNG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG). On February 6, 2014, topso signed a technology transfer contract with Inner Mongolia sanjujiajing new energy Co., Ltd. The contract will use topso's proprietary process of tremp TM (topso cycle energy-saving methanation process) for the production of alternative natural gas. The transfer contract includes licensing, process package, detailed design of heat recovery system, catalyst, engineering and technical services, training, etc. The scale of the project is 57810nm3/h coke oven gas. On April 25th, 2014, topso signed a methanation technology transfer contract with Shanxi Daosheng Xinyu clean energy Co., Ltd. if these basic work can be done, the transfer contract includes licensing, process package, detailed design of heat recovery system, catalyst, engineering technical services and training, etc. the project scale is 27500nm3/h coke oven gas

both projects use coke oven gas, a byproduct of coking unit, as raw material, and finally produce clean and high-value liquefied natural gas (LNG) products through compression, pre purification, fine desulfurization, methanation, liquefaction and other processes. Methanation process is the most important part of the whole production process, because the yield of methanation will directly determine the quality and output of the final product

using topso's methane chemical technology can convert excess carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other micro amounts of carbon containing substances into methane, which is equivalent to eventually increasing the LNG production by 90%, which will greatly increase the overall yield of the project and improve the utilization rate of "waste" gas

topso's advantage in the field of coke oven gas to natural gas (SNG) is that the ejector replaces the compressor, and the overall long-term stable operation of the device is ensured through the high rate and high stability of static equipment. In addition to the advantages of stability, the equipment cost and operation cost will also be far lower than that of compressors. The introduction of ejector into methanation process has become a patent of topso company

with more than 70 years of experience in the field of catalysis, topso fully considers the impact of impurities and high hydrocarbons in coke oven gas on the catalyst, so as to select suitable catalysts with high activity and stability for the owner, and optimize the dosage considering economy

topso has successfully transferred 9 units, 3 coal to natural gas units and 6 coke oven gas to LNG units. Among them, Xinjiang Qinghua energy group's 5.5 billion cubic meters/year coal to natural gas plant participated by topso is currently the SNG unit with the largest single line capacity in the world. The coke oven gas SNG installation height measuring device of Huayou Natural Gas Co., Ltd. located in Wuhai, participated by topso, is the largest coke oven gas SNG device in China at present

about topso company

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Dr. hard topso founded topso company in Denmark in 1940, engaged in the research and development of chemical processes, engineering design and catalyst manufacturing. It provides process design and catalysts for many industries, including chemical fertilizer industry, coal chemical industry, sulfuric acid industry, flue gas and waste gas purification, oil refining industry, new energy industry, etc. At present, topso group has about 2500 employees, with a global turnover of nearly 600million euros in 2012. Topso group is headquartered in Denmark and has set up subsidiaries and representative offices in more than 10 cities around the world, including Houston, Beijing, New Delhi, Moscow, etc

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