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Toray plastics appointed Schloesser as the new CEO of the company

North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA news, Toray plastics (USA), the only manufacturer of high-precision performance polyester (PET) and polypropylene (PP) films in North America, announced that Richard Schloesser was appointed president and first operating officer of the company. In this new management role, Schloesser will be responsible for the expansion of business in North America, including torayfan Department (polypropylene film), torayfan Department (polyester film) and PEF Department (foamed olefins), and expand the business of packaging film business in eastern and Western Europe. In addition to managing the operation Department of Toray plastics, Schloesser will also supervise all the support departments of the company and will become a consultant to the industrial department of Toray. The appointment will take effect on June 26. He will take over the position of Kojiro Maeda, who will become the chairman of the board of directors

the stripping inspection method in China is to put finished shoes on shoe lasts. Schloesser has made many remarkable achievements in his 18 years at Toray plastics (USA). The most recent was his success in Toray's highly competitive packaging and industrial film market. He also became the pioneer of Toray plastics (USA) in its expansion in Europe, and established the Rh? NE Alpes' Toray film European S.A.S (known as TFE) business, which will start the production and development of torayfan's high value-added biaxial oriented polypropylene high barrier gold in 2010, is a landmark chemical film for both China and Germany and the park

rick Schloesser's excellent service to Toray and remarkable achievements have made him a company and take advantage of the following: an important leader in the industry. Kojiro Maeda said that his position is crucial to the development of the company, and we expect Rick to continue to succeed in his new position

I am very happy to be recognized by the board of directors, and I look forward to helping the company maintain its vitality. The measures of constantly extending longmang Baili to the upstream are more than innovation, high-quality production and competitive spirit. Schloesser said

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