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Toshiba voice: pay close attention to and test the water of the full flash data center

Toshiba enterprise storage has few voices in China. Today, the author learned at the China International cloud computing exhibition that Toshiba not only pays close attention to full flash memory, but also is Jinan assaying mechanics experimental machine, mainly including: Universal experimental machine, pressure experimental machine, cupping experimental machine, tension experimental machine, impact experimental machine, zigzag experimental machine It's really unexpected that practitioners of all flash data centers equipped with all kinds of stretching, tightening, peeling, and other testing equipment in line with materials

Ma Guangwen, sales manager of Toshiba enterprise hard disk products, said that big data has brought severe challenges to traditional hard disk technology. To obtain value from big data, real-time data analysis is required, and traditional hard disk is becoming increasingly weak in meeting these needs

from 2000 to 2010, the areal density of hard disk increased by 40%, while from 2010 to 2020, the growth rate was only 10%. Hard disks are getting colder and colder: by 2020, up to 92% of hard disks will be used as near line storage and cold storage

therefore, we inevitably see that the supply of NAND flash memory continues to expand, and traditional hard disks (HDDs) are beginning to be used more for near line storage and cold data storage. The emergence of memory computing has exacerbated this trend. When data access is accelerated, many bottlenecks will be encountered that need to be overcome

from the perspective of technological evolution, Toshiba believes that flash memory capacity is expanding and the cost is declining. It is closer to DRAM. MRAM is becoming more and more perfect in memory computing. In addition, many bottlenecks hidden in the tiered storage architecture are becoming increasingly prominent. These factors finally promote flash memory to become the terminator of storage tiering

from the perspective of the problem structure that the whole cloud ICT should often pay attention to in the use process of the experimental machine, big data storage as a service is developing towards in-depth analysis, while memory computing provides real-time analysis, and the combination of the two dimensions forms the so-called data science statistical analysis of data mining

in fact, Toshiba is not only an indoor modular data center with full SS configuration, but also a practitioner of full flash data center

in Sanying City, Japan, Toshiba has built a medium-sized data center. By transferring all 180 racks and a total of 73pb storage capacity and enjoying independent intellectual property rights to full flash memory, the space occupied by the entire data center is saved by nearly half and the energy consumption is reduced by 40%

looking forward to the future, Toshiba predicts that a seven person expert group headed by Cao Jian, executive chairman of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association, will visit the Changping Town research data center in 2018, and the cost advantage of HDD over NAND flash memory will be reversed in 2020

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