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Toshiba launched the 12th International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China

led by Toshiba (China) Co., Ltd., Toshiba group, together with Toshiba Power Distribution Industrial System Co., Ltd., Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial System Co., Ltd., Toshiba Industrial Machine System Co., Ltd. and Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric industrial system (Beijing) Co., Ltd., does not need calibration; ③ With 8-channel door lock switch control, Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun LINGJI Power Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Toshiba Baiyun Automation System Co., Ltd. and Toshiba lighting display system (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can also use software to acquiesce in general steps; The 12th International Exhibition of industrial control automation in South China, approved by the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China and hosted by the China Society of automation and the Department of science and technology of Guangdong Province, was jointly held by seven affiliated companies of the group. This exhibition is a professional exhibition for customers of industrial and water environment systems

with the theme of "energy conservation and environmental protection", Toshiba group will divide the exhibition stand into five exhibition areas, "electrical controller products", "variable frequency energy-saving system products", "water environment system products", "professional industrial system and power supply products" and "Toshiba corporate image", where the export growth of China's extruder products will show a stable and progressive situation. Each exhibition area introduces the technical characteristics of products in their respective fields to the audience from a professional perspective, so that they can personally experience the professionalism and technical advantages of Toshiba's system products in the industrial and water environment fields

in addition to the professional transmission system, high-voltage inverter products and power supply equipment with world-class advanced technology in metallurgy, papermaking and other industries, Toshiba will also introduce Toshiba's latest general frequency conversion system technology to the audience, At the same time, it will also demonstrate Toshiba's unique dissolved oxygen mixing control energy-saving technology in the water environment treatment system and Toshiba's DLP projection display product with automatic dimming and color matching, the world's top technology (acali), which is used on the monitoring terminal

Toshiba group, as an "enterprise within the earth", has formulated "Toshiba group Environmental Outlook 2050" in order to create a better earth environment, and determined to achieve the goal of making the comprehensive environmental efficiency reach 10 times that of 2000 in 2050. Toshiba group is committed to contributing to the prevention of the global greenhouse effect. It will reduce CO2 emissions by 7.6 million tons by 2025 by developing energy efficient equipment and manufacturing and selling green office and household appliances. At the same time, we will carry out activities such as effective utilization of resources and chemical substance management to strive to achieve harmonious coexistence with the earth and create rich value

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